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Child's Play (2019)

Child's Play

More than a toy... he's your best friend. 2019/6/19 90 min.
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Lars Klevberg
Lars Klevberg


Mark Hamill is Chucky (voice)
Mark Hamill
Chucky (voice)
Aubrey Plaza is Karen Barclay
Aubrey Plaza
Karen Barclay
Brian Tyree Henry is Detective Mike Norris
Brian Tyree Henry
Detective Mike Norris
Gabriel Bateman is Andy Barclay
Gabriel Bateman
Andy Barclay
David Lewis is Shane
David Lewis
Ty Consiglio is Pugg
Ty Consiglio
Beatrice Kitsos is Falyn
Beatrice Kitsos
Hannah Drew is Disappointed Customer
Hannah Drew
Disappointed Customer
Kristin York is Jane
Kristin York
Carlease Burke is Doreen
Carlease Burke


Chucky has returned, although with a new design and new functionalities to adapt to the 21st century. The devilish doll has its remake thirty years after Don Mancini created it and although at first glance we did not have much hope for the project, he has managed to dazzle us with his most thug and casual vein.

The film pays homage to the original but knows how to create a new identity. It is clear that today's children no longer want dolls, or at least not just simple dolls. That's why this time, for the first time, Chucky has been updated to become a kind of Alexa or Siri, a machine powered by artificial intelligence, which is connected to the cloud and therefore is able to control the basic functions of the house, capable of maintaining an elevator conversation or even bringing you the science book whenever you need it (and yes, that was done in the past by the Emilio robot and he still doesn't have his own movie).

So this is a quite interesting premise judging by the world we live in nowadays, and it is good to see filmmakers willing to twist the genre a little bit and give the old classics these little touches of modernity that might make them more scary for today's standards. We can put the blame about Chucky being so lethal on someone alike the person responsible for, let's say, Jurassic Park's chaos, since there is this kind of trend in which script writes love to always despise the computer scientists, and make them responsible for things like, well, creating Chucky or Jurassic Park. Here, before being fired, the employee in charge of creating Chucky modifies him so that he does not cut himself at the time of taking the initiative, of saying swear words or even of handling the knife like a professional, and not precisely for making sandwiches.

This is how the doll ends up in the hands of Andy, a lonely boy who has just moved to the city and who has trouble making friends. That is why he immediately befriends Chucky, who despite being visibly poorly designed, makes him happy. But Chucky, who has recognized Andy as his best friend, won't let anything or anyone between them. Because that is what the doll's programmed for, to make sure it does anything it takes to be with Andy an make him happy, with no sense of boundaries or sanity involved that quest.

The best thing about the new 2019 Child's Play movie is the thug and casual touch that accompanies the entire footage. In fact, it is quite fun, thanks in large part to the fact that they take advantage of the doll's functionalities, and what at first glance was a questionable design, ends up becoming its best asset.

The movie also spares no blood. Well, it has scenes where it is better to look the other way if you have the sensitivity to the skin. Because Chucky doesn't distinguish between good and evil or between what is disgusting and not. He only has one function, to make Andy his best friend and that nothing and no one gets in his way. It also has an amazing knife handling considering the size of its handyman.

In short, the newest Child’s Play is surprisingly fun and a good movie for the summer. Without more pretensions beyond entertaining an hour and a half, knowing how to differentiate from the original, laughing at itself at all costs and with an ideal sadistic touch for those who have a thirst for blood (on the screen only, obviously). It also gives us the hit of the summer and if you don't believe it you just have to try and watch the movie, we don't think you'll be disappointed, you just got to know what you're signing for.

Original title Child's Play
TMDb Rating 6 668 votes

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