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Brightburn (2019)


Evil has found its superhero 2019/5/9 91 min.
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David Yarovesky
David Yarovesky


Elizabeth Banks is Tori Breyer
Elizabeth Banks
Tori Breyer
David Denman is Kyle Breyer
David Denman
Kyle Breyer
Jackson A. Dunn is Brandon Breyer
Jackson A. Dunn
Brandon Breyer
Matt Jones is Noah McNichol
Matt Jones
Noah McNichol
Meredith Hagner is Merilee McNichol
Meredith Hagner
Merilee McNichol
Becky Wahlstrom is Erica
Becky Wahlstrom
Emmie Hunter is Caitlyn
Emmie Hunter
Gregory Alan Williams is Sheriff Deever
Gregory Alan Williams
Sheriff Deever
Annie Humphrey is Deputy Ayres
Annie Humphrey
Deputy Ayres
Abraham Clinkscales is Royce
Abraham Clinkscales



What would happen if ... a question we constantly ask ourselves, maybe things were different, or none of this had happened ...

This film presents a quite different scenario than we all know, one of the most famous superhero movies in history, the strongest, gentile and dedicated to saving humanity from any threat ... What would have happened if Clark Kent weighed and feel different from what we know?

An original story by Brian and Mark Gunn, directed by David Yarovesky, and produced by James Gunn and Kenneth Huang; premiered on May twenty-fourth of two thousand nineteen for the United States of America.

Year two thousand and six, Kansas, a small town called Brightburn will live an experience you can never forget. Very close to the farm of a young couple who desperately tries to procreate and become parents; a space capsule hits where a male baby from space travels. The young couple composed of Tori and Kyle Breyer adopts him and receives him as his son, they call him Brandon and consider it a gift and the opportunity to give him the love and support he needs.

Everything happens in total normality; Brandon is a perfectly normal child, goes to school and shares with his classmates, and shows affection for his parents and respect for his neighbors and seniors.

Upon reaching puberty Brandon's behavior takes a drastic turn, he is disrespectful and disobedient; one night he begins to hear a recurring message in his native language that makes him walk asleep towards the barn repeating it again and again; Tori, his mother notices the matter and intervened returning him to his bedroom without informing Kyle.

After a few days, Tori finds disturbing drawings and photographs in Brandon's room, girls modeling lingerie and swimsuits, but with surgical diagrams on them. On this occasion Tori does go to her husband Kyle and asks her to have a private conversation of men with young Brandon; to what he accesses and invites him to a walk in the woods, his father mentions that it is okay to be attracted to the girls and that there are no problems in it; It fills you with confidence and comes to order with any questions regarding the subject.

That same night Brandon escapes from home and goes to the home of his classmate Caitlyn, hides in the bushes and spies through the window, until she discovers it and Brandon flees to his house.

Brandon faces great confusion about all the physical and hormonal changes he is suffering and unknown to us; the ship continues to send recurring messages to the young man's mind and he begins to unbalance; furious enters the barn and exterminates all the birds of the place. Tori tries to convince Kyle that it was a wolf who attacked the barn, but he knows that Brandon is responsible.

Brandon is in school as usual and participates in an exercise of confidence during sports class, through a random selection ends in a couple with Caitlyn, but she does not want to do it with Brandon, and drops it to the floor calling him perverted and exposing him to all her classmates for spying on her through her bedroom window.
At that moment something changes internally in Brandon's mind and decides not to let what happened happen, so he takes a violent action and fractures Caitlyn's hand in retaliation for his rejection.

A decision that will change the destiny of his life and that of the entire population of Brightburn who will face a cruel and hateful teenager with human skills.

Original title Brightburn
TMDb Rating 5.8 1006 votes

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