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Anna (2019)


Never make the weapon the target 2019/6/19 119 min.
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Luc Besson
Luc Besson


Sasha Luss is Anna
Sasha Luss
Helen Mirren is Olga
Helen Mirren
Luke Evans is Alex Tchenkov
Luke Evans
Alex Tchenkov
Cillian Murphy is Lenny Miller
Cillian Murphy
Lenny Miller
Lera Abova is Maud
Lera Abova
Alexander Petrov is Piotr
Alexander Petrov
Nikita Pavlenko is Vlad
Nikita Pavlenko
Anna Krippa is Nika
Anna Krippa
Aleksey Maslodudov is Jimmy
Aleksey Maslodudov
Eric Godon is Vassiliev
Eric Godon


The prolific and multifaceted filmmaker that we all know very well from movies like the legendary Lucy Luc Besson, after two years, returns to the big screen as director of a film with the script of his authorship. The cast is composed of Sasha Luss, a model who began to dabble in acting with Besson himself, in his previous film, 'Valerian'. In turn, Cillian Murphy (from 'Peaky Blinders'), Luke Evans (from 'The Alienist') and the historic Helen Mirren complete the main team of this intricate plot of international espionage.

Anna (Luss) is selling dolls in a small, but quite busy, market in Russia. There she is contacted to be part of a team of international models, given her beauty and intelligence. She accepts the work to be able to think of a better future, but it is the first step in a series of conflicts with the Russian spy service. Given this situation and the damage caused by it, Lenny Miller (Murphy), head of the CIA, will track her with the aim of disarming her European rivals, but it is Anna's physical image that will put everything in a recurring tension.

This film stands out for its original music: Éric Serra managed to complement in a great way each scene of the film where a specific climate was necessary, thus being able to generate that the audience experiences various emotions. In turn, the performances are well coupled to what the plot asks. Sasha Luss surprises with a good display when she represents her character, but Helen Mirren is the strong pillar of the team and here she brings out all her acting skills.

However, there are visible and tangible weaknesses in Besson's work. As for direction, his work is good. The action scenes are carried out with ease, perhaps that being the most laborious aspect of his film in this role. Thus, it deflects the focus of the movie's writing: it is organized in such an intricate way that, seeing how it resolved that aspect, it speaks of a difficulty on his part to carry out his own script. Not only is that problem notorious, but it also abuses the resource used to portray the story.

'Anna' is a not-so-good return of Besson to the big screen. It presents an interesting but dazzled story by how it was represented. It is also a good product for those who enjoy a spy film, which for the job of a film figure like Besson, is little.

What at the beginning starts seeming like a good and normal use of flashbacks to the past and present, because there's a lot of this in the movie, becomes an aspect somewhat annoying with the running of the movie, in fact there is the last use of this resource that amazes you by the abusive amount of times when Besson plays with scenes and events that takes a long time to cut, the action-filled scenes or a love story of the protagonist end up feeling tired and misused, offering nothing really special.

Sasha Luss is the best element of the movie, embodying Anna with passion. Combining the appearance of a model, the mystery of the Femme Fatale and the dynamism and skills necessary for an action movie, Mirren is another great success in the movie as Anna's “boss”, since she creates a multilevel character, deep, hard and emotional at the same time.

In short, this is a movie to go to the movie theater if you like this kind of genre or you are a Besson fan, unfortunately, Anna catches you at first but then falls out of love as time goes by.

Original title Anna
TMDb Rating 6.5 775 votes

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