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Ad Astra (2019)

Ad Astra

The answers we seek are just outside our reach 2019/9/17 123 min.
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James Gray
James Gray


Brad Pitt is Roy McBride
Brad Pitt
Roy McBride
Tommy Lee Jones is H. Clifford McBride
Tommy Lee Jones
H. Clifford McBride
Ruth Negga is Hellen Lantos
Ruth Negga
Hellen Lantos
John Ortiz is Lieutenant General Rivas
John Ortiz
Lieutenant General Rivas
Liv Tyler is Eve
Liv Tyler
Donald Sutherland is Thomas Pruitt
Donald Sutherland
Thomas Pruitt
Greg Bryk is Chip Garnes
Greg Bryk
Chip Garnes
Loren Dean is Donald Stanford
Loren Dean
Donald Stanford
Kimberly Elise is Lorraine Deavers
Kimberly Elise
Lorraine Deavers
John Finn is Brigadier General Stroud
John Finn
Brigadier General Stroud


Under the direction of the American James Gray, and the production of the first actor Brad Pitt; 20th Century Fox, in conjunction with Disney Pictures, presents a new action, suspense and science fiction work that shows us outer space with incredible visual effects and gives us a story that will keep us in suspense for the hundred and twenty-four minutes that it lasts The movie.

This film was released for the United States of America on September 20, 2019, obtaining mostly positive reviews and managed to collect more than one hundred and twenty million dollars during its first three weeks on the billboard.

Ad-Astra recounts the adventures of a peculiar astronaut who apparently is disturbed by nothing; a character that seems not to harbor any kind of feelings in his body, since his acting is always calm, serene, with an unwavering concentration. The story is set in a land that, technologically speaking, is very far from our reality, it is a futuristic film that makes us reflect on the idea of ​​one day reaching the level imagined by its creators.

Colonel H. Clifford MacBride, a brilliant astronaut, is assigned to command a space mission of the SpaceCom Company, called "Lima Project", this mission is to travel the confines of our solar system in search of intelligent life, and for this, you must Get to the planet Neptune and create a camp.

This famous astronaut has a son named Roy, who dreams of following in his father's footsteps.

Many years have elapsed since the launch of Colonel H. Clifford and his crew; the last contact with the "Lima Project" occurred approximately sixteen years ago. During that time his son, Roy prepared to fulfill his dream and be like his father, although he grew up with some resentment towards him for having abandoned him on earth.

The now space pilot of the United States Air Force, Major Roy MacBride is on a SpaceCom mission at the international space station, which orbits the planet Earth; he and another partner make repairs in one of the external modules of the ship, when suddenly they are strongly impacted by a wave of energy, which expels the Major in a vacuum by directly dropping through the Earth's atmosphere.

Incredibly the astronaut managed to survive such an impressive accident; he is now held at SpaceCom where he receives medical attention; at the same time that the security forces of the world warn about the danger of the energy waves that scourge the solar system and suppose a terrible irrigation for the human race and the planet earth.

After several studies and analyses, they conclude that this radiation comes from the same point where “The Lima Project” was headed and where the ship's trail was lost. SpaceCom, in conjunction with state agencies, considers it best to send a ferry to the planet Mars and try to locate the origin of the waves.

For this, Colonel Pruitt is appointed in charge of the mission to Mars; upon learning Major Roy MacBride requests to be part of the crew; request that cost him a lot in his family life; Colonel Pruitt accepts and now Roy will have the opportunity to go in search of his father to outer space.

The adventure begins when both astronauts, Pruitt and MacBride, take a direct flight to the moon, where an army commission awaits them to escort them to the SpaceCom launch pad; but they do not have the ambush of lunar pirates, who attack them strongly eliminating the custodians and wounding Col. Pruitt in a lethal way.

Roy as he can take command of the rover and manages to reach the base of SpaceCom, there they put the Colonel in intensive care to save his life; now Major Roy MacBride must take his place and guide the Cepheus ferry directly to Mars, where the director of SpaceCom Mars awaits.

Original title Ad Astra
TMDb Rating 6 2099 votes

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