A Vigilante (2019)

A Vigilante

Give her a call, and she'll give you justice. 2019/3/29 92 Min.
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Sarah Daggar-Nickson
Sarah Daggar-Nickson


Olivia Wilde is Sadie
Olivia Wilde
Morgan Spector is Sadie's Husband
Morgan Spector
Sadie's Husband
Tonye Patano is Counselor Beverly
Tonye Patano
Counselor Beverly
Judy Marte is Straight Up Shelter Woman
Judy Marte
Straight Up Shelter Woman
Betsy Aidem is Andrea Shaund
Betsy Aidem
Andrea Shaund
C.J. Wilson is Michael Shaund
C.J. Wilson
Michael Shaund
Chuck Cooper is Lawyer
Chuck Cooper
Kyle Catlett is Zach
Kyle Catlett
Estefania Tejeda is Counseling Group Woman #1
Estefania Tejeda
Counseling Group Woman #1
Cheryse Dyllan is Charlene Jackson
Cheryse Dyllan
Charlene Jackson


This is a new story that was written by the young Director and Screenwriter Sarah Dagger-Nickson a woman that wrote Dead Hands in the production was Ambyr Childers, Allison Rose Carter, Lars Knudsen, Andrew Corkin, Randell Emmett and Olivia Wilde An American actress and model, Protagonists: Olivia Wilde, Morgan Spectoris an American actor, known for his performances of Frank Capone in the HBO series, Kyle Catlett is an American children's actor from Morristown, Tonye Patano is an American actress, Chuck Cooper an actor, Betsy Aidem is a film, television and theater actress, Judy Marte is a Dominican-American actress and producer and CJ Wilson Olivia Wilde, Morgan Spector.

They lead and give life to the story of a woman who is the victim of sexual abuse and who following her great wound, decides to dump all her frustration and sadness on supporting other victims who have experienced domestic aggressions. Daggar-Nickson in her debut as director of feature films to defend and support women leaving not a hate message, but quite the opposite encouraging these victims to move forward and lead their lives as normally as possible.

Made in 2018 and premiered in the United States on March 2019 begins with a call made with a voice of anguish and terror. "I have two children who are coming to the house I do not want to be hurt," a woman without a name who barely dares to murmur to the operator: "He will hurt them if I let go, HELP."

Sadie (Olivia Wilde), as a victim of domestic attacks, decided since then to transform her traumatic experience and turn her anger into justice for other battered women, freeing the victims of violence, while struggling to do the same for her. In a paralyzing blow, Sadie tries to give these men the inhuman pain they have caused many of these women throughout their lives.

Sadie in her impotence of not being able to defend herself against her aggressor. Start a combat training to inflict pain and brutality to others (The abusers), this has a great weight and a very large emotional burden because, should get into the shoes of the victims. It is moving to observe how in the plot of this film the stories of these women are shown overwhelmed by the emotional abuse they have received, expressed by each one of them in a support group that they form. All these hard stories are unfortunately cases of a harsh reality, which is repeated much more often than we think around the world.

Generally in these cases there is an illusion of revenge, which often vanishes due to fear and the decision to escape prevails. A watchman considers and assumes the responsibility of idealizing the horrible revenge that unfolds at the bottom of the plot, the main purpose is to get invited to externalize the anger and pain analyze positively and move forward.

Vigilante offers the viewer a beautiful film that is rarely taken to the big screen: the sincerity of this type of piece, elegant and devastating characters in which independent directors build complete, complex and complete stories.

Lastly, Wilde's performance should be highlighted as there are occasions during the film in which you can feel that you fear for his emotional health and physical safety. Not only the super realistic scenes of combats and tortures, the prolonged scenes of Sadie, her character, crying for her losses, with her red nose and face hyperventilated, showing all these scenes of psychological self-mutilation, let's talk about if a male star interpreted this one character would be obvious to talk about once how many awards should have this film.

Original title A Vigilante
TMDb Rating 5.1 80 votes

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