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White Boy Rick (2018)

White Boy Rick

Hustler. Informant. Kingpin. Legend. 2018/9/14 116 Min.
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6.3 339 votes


Yann Demange
Yann Demange


Richie Merritt is Ricky Wershe Jr.
Richie Merritt
Ricky Wershe Jr.
Matthew McConaughey is Richard Wershe Sr.
Matthew McConaughey
Richard Wershe Sr.
Jennifer Jason Leigh is Alex Snyder
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Alex Snyder
Bel Powley is Dawn Wershe
Bel Powley
Dawn Wershe
RJ Cyler is Rudell Boo Curry
RJ Cyler
Rudell Boo Curry
Rory Cochrane is Agent Byrd
Rory Cochrane
Agent Byrd
Eddie Marsan is Art Derrick
Eddie Marsan
Art Derrick
Bruce Dern is Grandpa Roman Wershe
Bruce Dern
Grandpa Roman Wershe
Piper Laurie is Grandma Verna Wershe
Piper Laurie
Grandma Verna Wershe
Brian Tyree Henry is Detective Jackson
Brian Tyree Henry
Detective Jackson


The tale of teenager, Richard Wershe Jr., who have become an undercover informant for the police at some stage in the Nineteen Eighties and was in the end arrested for drug-trafficking and sentenced to life in jail.

Original title White Boy Rick
TMDb Rating 6.3 339 votes

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