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Vice (2018)


The Untold True Story That Changed The Course Of History 2018/12/25 132 min.
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The blockbuster was made in 2018 being an American movie filled with comedy. The film was written and directed by an American director his name is Adam McKay and produced by Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Geremy Kleiner. The film have good stars like Christian Bale a winner of a golden globe award, Amy Adams an Italian actress, Steve Carell an actor, humorist and producer, Sam Rockwell a recognized actor for his work in different movies, Tyler Perry, Allison Pill, Lily Rabe and Jesse Piemons. It was released in December 25, 2018 at the United States with a running time of 132minutes. The budget for the movie was $60million and it has racked up to $72.6million at the Box Office.
Now, flashing forward to 1969, Cheney is now working as a trainee at the White House under the Nixon government. Having gotten the privilege to work under Nixon's economic adviser named Donald Rumsfeld, he has now become a well-informed political aide as he tries to keep good family ties with his wife and daughters. Nixon was later said to resign as Cheney rose to the post of the White House Chief of Staff for President Gerald Ford as Rumsfeld was appointed as the Defence Secretary.
As soon as Ford gets voted out, Cheney contested to represent Wyoming. Although he suffered an heart attack but later won a seat in the US House of Representatives—Many thanks to his wife, Lynne's grand effort in his campaign; Later on, he worked as Secretary of Defence under President George Bush in the year 2000 U.S elections giving his own terms and conditions. The movie then comes back to the aftermath of the September 11 attacks as Cheney and Rumsfeld leads the talks on the attack on Afghanistan and Iraq whose outcome turns out to be the maiming of lots of civilians. But as all these unravels, Cheney still gets a couple of intermittent heart attacks. Nonetheless, his actions and inactions have shown to have sent thousands of people to their death and most importantly, have led to the uprising of the Islamic State of Iraq.
Narrating Cheney's saddening deathbed goodbye message to members of his family, having gotten hospitalised yet again, Kurt died in an accident and his heart becomes transplanted into Cheney's. Some few months later, Cheney finally come to terms with his daughter whom has been campaigning against same sex marriage while she runs for a senatorial seat. This got many people really flaired up but the elections came and Liz won a seat at the Congress. Lastly, an enraged Cheney renders a monologue to the audience where he states that he doesn't regret any of his actions so far.

Original title Vice
TMDb Rating 7.1 1749 votes

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