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Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

Unfriended: Dark Web

Death wants some face time. 2018/7/19 93 Min.
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6.2 471 votes


Stephen Susco
Stephen Susco


Colin Woodell is Matias O'Brien
Colin Woodell
Matias O'Brien
Betty Gabriel is Nari Jemisin
Betty Gabriel
Nari Jemisin
Rebecca Rittenhouse is Serena Lange
Rebecca Rittenhouse
Serena Lange
Andrew Lees is Damon Horton
Andrew Lees
Damon Horton
Connor Del Rio is Aj Williams
Connor Del Rio
Aj Williams
Stephanie Nogueras is Amaya DeSoto
Stephanie Nogueras
Amaya DeSoto
Savira Windyani is Lexx Putri
Savira Windyani
Lexx Putri
Chelsea Alden is Kelly
Chelsea Alden
Alexa Mansour is Erica Dunne
Alexa Mansour
Erica Dunne
Bryan Adrian is Jack
Bryan Adrian


​When a 20-some thing reveals a cache of hidden documents on his new laptop, he and his pals are unwittingly thrust into the depths of the dark internet. They quickly find out a person has been looking their each circulate and will visit inconceivable lengths to defend the darkish web.

Original title Unfriended: Dark Web
TMDb Rating 6.2 471 votes

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