The Tale (2018)

The Tale

Our past is always present. 2018/1/20 115 Min.
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Jennifer Fox
Jennifer Fox


Laura Dern is Jennifer Fox
Laura Dern
Jennifer Fox
Isabelle Nélisse is Jenny Fox (13 Years)
Isabelle Nélisse
Jenny Fox (13 Years)
Elizabeth Debicki is Mrs. G.
Elizabeth Debicki
Mrs. G.
Jason Ritter is Bill Allens
Jason Ritter
Bill Allens
Ellen Burstyn is Nadine 'Nettie' Fox
Ellen Burstyn
Nadine 'Nettie' Fox
Common is Martin
Frances Conroy is Older Mrs. G.
Frances Conroy
Older Mrs. G.
John Heard is Older Bill Allens
John Heard
Older Bill Allens
Jodi Long is Rebecca Davis
Jodi Long
Rebecca Davis
Laura Allen is Young Nadine 'Nettie' Fox
Laura Allen
Young Nadine 'Nettie' Fox


An investigation into one girl’s memory as she‘s forced to re-examine her first sexual courting and the memories we inform ourselves so as to survive.

Original title The Tale
TMDb Rating 7.3 183 votes

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