The Purity of Vengeance (2018)

The Purity of Vengeance

2018/10/4 119 Min.
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7.5 28 votes


Christoffer Boe
Christoffer Boe


Fares Fares is Assad
Fares Fares
Nikolaj Lie Kaas is Carl Mørck
Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Carl Mørck
Søren Pilmark is Marcus Jacobsen
Søren Pilmark
Marcus Jacobsen
Johanne Louise Schmidt is Rose
Johanne Louise Schmidt
Michael Brostrup is Børge Bak
Michael Brostrup
Børge Bak
Nicolas Bro is Brandt
Nicolas Bro
Elliott Crosset Hove is Curt Wad (yngre)
Elliott Crosset Hove
Curt Wad (yngre)
Anders Hove is Curt Wad (ældre)
Anders Hove
Curt Wad (ældre)
Fanny Bornedal is Nete
Fanny Bornedal
Clara Rosager is Rita
Clara Rosager


In an older condo in Copenhagen, some craftsmen make a scary discovery: behind a faux wall they locate 3 mummified bodies sitting around a dining desk with a unfastened space geared up. Carl Mørck and Assad from Department Q now ought to discover who the mummies are and for whom the fourth region is meant. They soon discover that the preceding population of the rental hint again to an infamous ladies's health facility at Sprogø island, where attempts at forced sterilization were a ordinary part of the day by day lives of the women who have been added to the sanatorium. The horror on the sanatorium is an overdue bankruptcy within the history of Denmark, however there are folks that say that the experiments are nevertheless up in our time. Carl and Assad start a race with time to prevent new murders and assaults.

Original title Journal 64
TMDb Rating 7.5 28 votes

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