The Purity of Vengeance (2018)

The Purity of Vengeance

2018/10/4 118 Min.
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7.4 91 votes


Christoffer Boe
Christoffer Boe


Nikolaj Lie Kaas is Carl Mørck
Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Carl Mørck
Fares Fares is Hafez el-Assad
Fares Fares
Hafez el-Assad
Johanne Louise Schmidt is Rose Knudsen
Johanne Louise Schmidt
Rose Knudsen
Søren Pilmark is Marcus Jacobsen
Søren Pilmark
Marcus Jacobsen
Fanny Bornedal is Young Nete
Fanny Bornedal
Young Nete
Clara Rosager is Rita
Clara Rosager
Luise Skov is Gitte Charles
Luise Skov
Gitte Charles
Amanda Radeljak is Nour
Amanda Radeljak
Anders Hove is Old Curt Wad
Anders Hove
Old Curt Wad
Nicolas Bro is Brandt
Nicolas Bro


Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018. A horrifying discovery is made in an antique condo. The next investigation of Department Q individuals leads them to an notorious organization for women that become all at once closed in the early sixties.

Original title Journal 64
TMDb Rating 7.4 91 votes

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