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The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)

The Possession of Hannah Grace

Death is only the beginning. 2018/11/29 86 Min.
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Diederik Van Rooijen
Diederik Van Rooijen


Shay Mitchell is Megan Reed
Shay Mitchell
Megan Reed
Grey Damon is Andrew Kurtz
Grey Damon
Andrew Kurtz
Stana Katic is Lisa Roberts / Nurse
Stana Katic
Lisa Roberts / Nurse
Louis Herthum is Grainger
Louis Herthum
J.P. Valenti is Boston Cop #1
J.P. Valenti
Boston Cop #1
James A. Watson, Jr is Dr. Henry Lewis
James A. Watson, Jr
Dr. Henry Lewis
Larry Eudene is Doctor
Larry Eudene
Lexie Roth is AA Member
Lexie Roth
AA Member
Kirby Johnson is Anna Grey / Cadaver
Kirby Johnson
Anna Grey / Cadaver
Shawn Fitzgibbon is Other Cop
Shawn Fitzgibbon
Other Cop


This is a film that was made in 2018. It is a Supernatural Horror movie coordinated by Diederik Van Rooijen and composed by Brian Sieve. Some stars are Featuring Shay Mitchell, Kirby Johnson, and others. It pursues a previous policewoman who experiences the heavenly while working in a funeral home. It was discharged on November 30th 2018.


The movie begins as two clerics are amidst an expulsion. Hannah Grace is controlled by brutal power, Hannah’s body agonizingly distorts. Her dad Grainger sits close by as he frantically trusts that the clerics will perform their duties and begs Hannah to battle her evil presence. Abruptly, Hannah's body elevates and seems to obtain a grip on the ministers. She flings one against the divider and he is pierced in the head, the other priests then immediately begin to choke. Grainger snatches a cushion and covers her till she quits moving.

Three months after, Megan is making a beeline for a prospective employee meet-up at the Metro Hospital in Boston. Lisa her companion has snared Megan with an occupation working the late night in the mortuary as an admission aide. She and Dr. Lewis then have a meeting.

Megan begins later that night. She meets some security watches out front, before going into the mortuary. Amidst her work, Megan begins to get spooky by an ongoing awful memory.

The following day, Megan is visited by her ex, a cop named Andrew, who is there to get the remainder of his personal stuff. He addresses whether her new activity is a smart thought, and they both have a short contention before Andrew chooses to return home.

Megan encounters a hooded man upon coming back to work that night and remaining outside requesting to let him in. She legitimately doesn't confide in him, and he begins to indignantly arrange her to give him access until Megan takes steps towards calling security. Minutes after the fact, an EMT by name of Randy appears with the corpse of a young lady which was evidently being ruined as it was discovered.

Megan ventures outside to support Randy; unnoticeably Grainger sneaks inside behind her. With Randy gone, Megan assesses the corpse, which ends up being Hannah. She attempts to take photos of the corpse, yet the camera as well as the PC won't function normally. Other bizarre things occur. When Megan returns to see the corpse, she sees flies all around the corpse, and an entire swarm when she raises up her sheets, yet this ends up being a mind flight.

Megan hears a noise outside and goes check it out, yet she discovers nothing. She returns into the funeral home to discover Hannah's body is no longer there, and she catches Grainger making an effort to remove it. She tries to stand up to him, when he attempts to assault her with a blade, yet Megan incapacitates him and waits for security. As Grainger is being taken away, he yells at Megan that Hannah isn't actually dead.

Thereafter Megan restores Hannah's body, Andrew calls to come check up on her to confirm she’s okay of her since he found out about the episode, however, she doesn't see Hannah's body is moving
Randy comes back with another body, and Megan brings him inside to notice Hannah's body, which has gotten back mysteriously to the cabinet. The body seems, by all accounts, to be mending following Dave and Lisa’s death. Outside, Hannah discovers Randy and murders him, causing it to resemble as though his head was crushed between his truck and the divider. Megan notices Hannah through the security film and attempts to go get Randy, however, it’s too late as randy is dead already.

Megan receives a call from Andrew who reveals that Grainger murdered the cops escorting him, and he's making a beeline for the emergency clinic. When he gets there, he discloses to Megan what she had previously noticed, that the body is revitalizing with every killing, and they would have to totally demolish the body by incineration. Reluctantly Megan aids Grainger to convey the body to the incinerator, yet Hannah grabs instead plunges Grainger’s body into the incinerator killing him.

Andrew appears at assist Megan, who’s attempting to keep trying to evade Hannah. Hannah gets Ernie and cuts his throat. She begins to take hold of Andrew and curve him around; however, Megan obtains his firearm and fires at Hannah until she collapses on the ground. She gives Andrew a chance to out of the medical clinic and returns Hannah's body to the incinerator when Hannah seems alive once more. She assaults Megan, however she figures out how to push Hannah inside the incinerator, even as she begins arguing against Megan’s intention.

Later on, Megan recuperates and is prepared to push ahead throughout everyday life. After had a shower, she notices a fly and kills it with her hand.

Original title The Possession of Hannah Grace
TMDb Rating 5.1 495 votes

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