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The Old Man & the Gun (2018)

The Old Man & the Gun

This story is mostly true. 2018/9/27 93 Min.
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David Lowery
David Lowery


Robert Redford is Forrest Tucker
Robert Redford
Forrest Tucker
Sissy Spacek is Jewel
Sissy Spacek
Casey Affleck is John Hunt
Casey Affleck
John Hunt
Danny Glover is Teddy
Danny Glover
Tom Waits is Waller
Tom Waits
Tika Sumpter is Maureen
Tika Sumpter
Ari Elizabeth Johnson is Abilene
Ari Elizabeth Johnson
Teagan Johnson is Tyler
Teagan Johnson
Gene Jones is Mr. Owens
Gene Jones
Mr. Owens
John David Washington is Lt. Kelly
John David Washington
Lt. Kelly


The director of 'A Ghost Story' and 'Pete's Dragon' brings us this story based on real events that tell the misadventures of the well known, almost historic character in the US crime records, Forrest Tucker (which is here interpreted by the talented Robert Redford). Tucker was a bank robber who spent most of his life in jail or trying to escape from it. In fact, he incredibly managed to escape on 18 occasions and committed his last robbery in 2000 when he was 80 years old. This film joins a genre that is similar to 'The Mule' by Clint Eastwood and many other stories of elderly criminals who, despite their old age and the ailments, continue to practice their profession.

The attractiveness of the film goes through its aesthetics reminiscent of the police films of the '70 an the '80, period in which several of the events of Mr. Tucker's criminal life also take place, but, in addition, to that atypical approach to the stories of criminals robbing banks, instead of focusing too much in this side of the story, the plot focuses more on how this man and his partners (played by the great duo of Danny Glover and Tom Waits) continue to commit crimes despite the years in their calendar and how they enjoy those robberies so much that they consider it their profession. Likewise, the film will focus, above all, on the figure of Redford and how he manages to enjoy impunity more than anything through his charisma and good manners, he's doing all of this for fun, he really doesn't need to, economically speaking.

On the other hand, Forrest Tucker will be romantically involved with Jewel (Sissy Spacek), a lonely woman who enjoys a stay and taking care of her horses, representing various aspects of the fugitive's life that she used to neglect or take for granted and that now they have him thinking about them. All this while police officer named John Hunt (Casey Affleck) discovers several points in common among a series of robberies that lead him to think about Forrest and his partners, and start figuring out how to catch them once and for all, which gives place to a sick dynamic of cat and mouse, as Hunt starts chasing them all over the United States, it seems to become almost a personal quest and matter for the officer, and it seems like Tucker kind of likes it.

The film, without representing something totally new, draws on the interpretation of Redford, which makes up the charismatic thief, as well as a successful cast of supporting actors and an attractive story because of its relationship with reality. If we add to that a very accurate period reproduction and an impeccable edition that give rhythm and a very successful aesthetic to the story, we get a captivating and entertaining tape, where what stands out is the way it is told beyond the simplicity of the plot. On the other hand, the work benefits from the sensitivity of Redford and his delivery that supposedly make up the endpoint to his long career as an actor. A role that fits perfectly and reminds us, at least a little, of the scammer who played in the hit film 'The Sting', in 1973.

The Old Man and the Gun is one of those extremely enjoyable stories, which without discoloring makes us have a pleasant time thanks to the talent of its interpreters. It is interesting how the emotional relationship of the leading couple is treated, as it is the relationship with the past of the main character. On the other hand, this persecution between the criminal and the police, which does not occur in a typical way, also helps the film to rise above the rest of the films from this genre.

Original title The Old Man & the Gun
TMDb Rating 6.3 639 votes

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