The Grinch (2018)

The Grinch

Scheme big. 2018/11/8 90 Min.
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6.4 976 votes


Yarrow Cheney
Yarrow Cheney
Scott Mosier
Scott Mosier


Benedict Cumberbatch is Grinch (voice)
Benedict Cumberbatch
Grinch (voice)
Rashida Jones is Donna Lou Who (voice)
Rashida Jones
Donna Lou Who (voice)
Kenan Thompson is Bricklebaum (voice)
Kenan Thompson
Bricklebaum (voice)
Cameron Seely is Cindy Lou Who (voice)
Cameron Seely
Cindy Lou Who (voice)
Angela Lansbury is Mayor McGerkle (voice)
Angela Lansbury
Mayor McGerkle (voice)
Pharrell Williams is Narrator (voice)
Pharrell Williams
Narrator (voice)
Brad O'Hare is Groopert (voice)
Brad O'Hare
Groopert (voice)
Ramone Hamilton is Axl (voice)
Ramone Hamilton
Axl (voice)
Sam Lavagnino is Ozzy (voice)
Sam Lavagnino
Ozzy (voice)
Scarlett Estevez is Izzy (voice)
Scarlett Estevez
Izzy (voice)


The Grinch hatches a scheme to break Christmas when the citizens of Whoville plan their annual holiday party.

Original title The Grinch
TMDb Rating 6.4 976 votes

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