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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

More Than One Wears the Mask 2018/12/6 117 min.
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Rodney Rothman
Rodney Rothman
Peter Ramsey
Peter Ramsey
Bob Persichetti
Bob Persichetti


Shameik Moore is Miles Morales / Spider-Man (voice)
Shameik Moore
Miles Morales / Spider-Man (voice)
Jake Johnson is Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man (voice)
Jake Johnson
Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man (voice)
Hailee Steinfeld is Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman (voice)
Hailee Steinfeld
Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman (voice)
Mahershala Ali is Aaron Davis / Prowler (voice)
Mahershala Ali
Aaron Davis / Prowler (voice)
Brian Tyree Henry is Jefferson Davis (voice)
Brian Tyree Henry
Jefferson Davis (voice)
Lily Tomlin is May Parker (voice)
Lily Tomlin
May Parker (voice)
Lauren Vélez is Rio Morales (voice)
Lauren Vélez
Rio Morales (voice)
Zoë Kravitz is Mary Jane Watson (voice)
Zoë Kravitz
Mary Jane Watson (voice)
John Mulaney is Peter Porker / Spider-Ham (voice)
John Mulaney
Peter Porker / Spider-Ham (voice)
Kimiko Glenn is Peni Parker / SP//dr (voice)
Kimiko Glenn
Peni Parker / SP//dr (voice)


This is a new American movie that is based on a comic of the Marvel Comics Company, is an animated hero and it is call Into the Spider-Verse, the film is about a fiction character that one that is known like Spider Man. It is the first movie with a multiverse. It was produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation both good companies, they work too with the important Marvel Company, and Sony Pictures.
This movie was directed by the important director Bob Persichetti in company of Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman, this movie has good and important stars for example Shameik Moore who take the principal character and other actor who give their voices to the movie like Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld a good actress and singer, Mahershala Ali and Brian Tyree Henry.
Miles Morales is the teenager who struggles to live up to the dreams of his parents, his father is police who is named Jefferson Davis but he sees Spider-Man as a bad man to the people. One day after school, Miles secretly visits his uncle who takes him to a desisted station a place where he is able to paint graffiti. Miles is unknowingly bitten by a radioactive spider while there.
The next day, the radioactive spider gave him spider-like abilities. Miles then revisits the station in search for the spider and unintentional manner discovers a machine that was built by Wilson Fisk "Kingpin" in order to contact the other Spider-Man universes in alternative versions to find his wife and son who died in a terrible accident. Spider-Man tries to inactivate the accelerator while fighting Green Goblin and Prowler, the two of Fisk's enforcers. During the battle, an explosion gravely wounded Spider-Man, killing Green Goblin. Spider-Man gives Miles a USB drive to disable the accelerator whom he found, and warns that the city could get destroyed if the machine is turned on again. Fisk kills Spider-Man in horror as Mile watches from distance. He, Miles tries out his new abilities but in the process damages the USB drive after purchasing a Spider-Man costume.
This Spider-Man one day meets Peter B. Parker who is a version an older worn-down Spider-Man from a different dimension who reluctantly agrees to train Miles in exchange to help steal data for a new drive. They are confronted on getting to Kingpin's research facility by Olivia Octavius, Fisk's chief scientist, who reveals that Peter will deteriorate and die if he stays longer in their dimension. Another heroine named Gwen Stacy who saves to Miles and Peter.
They find May Parker, Peter's aunt who is protecting other dimension-displaced heroes. Miles returns to Aaron's house where he discovers that Aaron is the Prowler. He come back to May's house where is their fiend Peni, she sets up the route, followed by Fisk, Prowler and other enforcers leading to a fight. Miles is captured by Prowler before unmasking himself in front of Aaron. Fisk shot Aaron who is unwilling to kill Miles.
Miles flees with injured Aaron to safety and dies. Jefferson concludes that Spider-Man killed Aaron seeing Miles mourning in his costume. Miles regroup with the Spider-People to help them defeat Fisk's enforcers before deactivating the USB drive and sending them home. Jefferson's attention got attracted by Fisk and Miles brawl throughout the accelerator. He realizes that Spider-Man is not the enemy after thereby encouraging him, Miles the motivation to paralyze Fisk by destroying the accelerator and restoring the Web of Life and Destiny.

Original title Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
TMDb Rating 8.4 6107 votes

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