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Sobibor (2018)


Based On a True Story That Changed The World 2018/5/3 110 Min.
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Konstantin Khabenskiy
Konstantin Khabenskiy


Konstantin Khabenskiy is Alexander Pechersky
Konstantin Khabenskiy
Alexander Pechersky
Christopher Lambert is Karl Frenzel
Christopher Lambert
Karl Frenzel
Michalina Olszańska is Hanna
Michalina Olszańska
Felice Jankell is Luca
Felice Jankell
Mariya Kozhevnikova is Selma
Mariya Kozhevnikova
Dainius Kazlauskas is Leo
Dainius Kazlauskas
Philippe Reinhardt is Siegfried Greitschus
Philippe Reinhardt
Siegfried Greitschus
Maximilian Dirr is Johann Neumann
Maximilian Dirr
Johann Neumann
Mindaugas Papinigis is Berg
Mindaugas Papinigis
Wolfgang Cerny is Gustav Wagner
Wolfgang Cerny
Gustav Wagner


The film is based totally on a actual story that came about in 1943 in the Sobibor attention camp in German-occupied Poland. The important individual of the movie is the Soviet-Jewish soldier Alexander Pechersky, who at that point become serving within the Red Army as a lieutenant. In October 1943, he turned into captured via the Nazis and deported to the Sobibor concentration camp, in which Jews were being exterminated in gas chambers. But, in just 3 weeks, Alexander turned into in a position to devise an worldwide uprising of prisoners from Poland and Western Europe. This rebellion ended in being the simplest a success one for the duration of the warfare, which brought about the most important get away of prisoners from a Nazi awareness camp.

Original title Собибор
TMDb Rating 5.8 51 votes

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