Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018)

Slaughterhouse Rulez

2018/10/31 103 Min.
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5.5 42 votes


Crispian Mills
Crispian Mills


Finn Cole is Don Wallace
Finn Cole
Don Wallace
Michael Sheen is The Bat
Michael Sheen
The Bat
Simon Pegg is Meredith Houseman
Simon Pegg
Meredith Houseman
Asa Butterfield is Willoughby Blake
Asa Butterfield
Willoughby Blake
Nick Frost is Anonymous
Nick Frost
Hermione Corfield is Clemsie Lawrence
Hermione Corfield
Clemsie Lawrence
Jamie Blackley is Caspar De Brunose
Jamie Blackley
Caspar De Brunose
Jo Hartley is Babs Wallace
Jo Hartley
Babs Wallace
Isabella Laughland is Kay
Isabella Laughland
Tom Rhys Harries is Clegg
Tom Rhys Harries


Don Wallace, a student at the boarding school Slaughterhouse, faces the arcane guidelines of the established order when a brand new danger emerges and the tenants of the college interact in a bloody war for survival.

Original title Slaughterhouse Rulez
TMDb Rating 5.5 42 votes

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