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Robin Hood (2018)

Robin Hood

The legend you know. The story you don't. 2018/11/21 116 min.
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Otto Bathurst
Otto Bathurst


Taron Egerton is Robin of Loxley
Taron Egerton
Robin of Loxley
Jamie Foxx is Yahya / John
Jamie Foxx
Yahya / John
Ben Mendelsohn is Sheriff of Nottingham
Ben Mendelsohn
Sheriff of Nottingham
Eve Hewson is Marian
Eve Hewson
Jamie Dornan is Will Scarlet
Jamie Dornan
Will Scarlet
Tim Minchin is Friar Tuck
Tim Minchin
Friar Tuck
Paul Anderson is Guy of Gisbourne
Paul Anderson
Guy of Gisbourne
Roderick Hill is Boat Doctor
Roderick Hill
Boat Doctor
F. Murray Abraham is Cardinal
F. Murray Abraham
Ian Peck is Arch Deacon
Ian Peck
Arch Deacon


This is a film that we can watch it, in our screen in the 2018. It is an action-packed movie made in America. The adventurous film was written by Ben Chandler; it was directed by a British television and film director Otto Bathurst and produced by Jennifer Davidson and Leonardo Di Caprio. The movie stars are Jaron Egerton a British actor, Jamie Foxx an actor, comedian and singer, Ben Mendelssohn an Australian actor, Eve Hewson an Irish actress, Tim Minchin an Australian comedian, actor and musician and Jamie Dornan a British actor, model and musician while it was released on November 21 frs 2018 in the United States with a total running time of 116 minutes. The movie went for a budget of $100 million but couldn't surpass the $84.8 million mark at the Box Office.

Lord Robin of Loxley, together with his love, Marian lives in Nottingham just before he gets enlisted by a corrupt Nottingham Sherriff to take on a fight in the Third Crusade war against the Saracens. And having spent some four years of England territory, he gets disappointed with the Crusaders because he was unable to prevent his commander named Guy of Gisborne from killing prisoners especially as it includes a teenage boy. Inspire of the boy's father's please, which eventually led to Robin getting sent back home by Gisbourne.
After returning to Nottingham, Robin's old friend Friar Tuck tells him that the Sherriff had announced his death two years earlier so as to seize his land and wealth in order to fund the war at the request of the seemingly corrupt cardinal who exiles the citizens away from the city to the coal mine town which lies across the river. While carrying out findings on ‘the slags’, Robin sees as the ordinary people are planning a revolution against the government that have been oppressing and exploiting them and he also got to know that his lover, Marian is together with their leader, Will .
Robin was unable to get access or communicate with the lady by the same way as he made with the son he saved. The man meets Robins and said he's Yahya (John) as he gives him a proposition that they altogether end the war by pilfering the money collected from the people in order to fund church conflict. As soon as Marian discovers Robin is alive, she meets with him but Robin didn't inform her of his impending plans for the sake of her protection.
Robin improves his archery and combat skills via a compelling training regimen and starts stealing the treasures the Sheriff has milked out from the people. This is what earns him, ‘The Hood’ sobriquet as he conceals himself acting like a playboy that gives support to the Sherriff’s administration. Marian and Robin found out that the war was a gimmick of the church which funds the Saracen army in order to defeat the King and claim absolute power after his death. Robin shows himself to the common people after getting persuaded by Marian and these people accepted him as their leader.
Robin leads the people against the Sherriff and his forces in a battle and it was during this that Robin kissed Marian but this was seen by Will right before a scary explosion occurs. The latter felt disappointed by Marian's infidelity and drops her and the revolution. As soon as the battle appears lost to Robin, he surrenders so as to prevent other people from getting killed and he was led to the castle of the Sheriff to be killed but was saved by a guard, John who eventually hung the Sherriff as the other duo meets with their families again.

Original title Robin Hood
TMDb Rating 5.8 1619 votes

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