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Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Wreck-It Ralph 2 2018/11/20 112 min.
Average: 7.2 (3683 votes)
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Rich Moore
Rich Moore
Phil Johnston
Phil Johnston


John C. Reilly is Ralph (voice)
John C. Reilly
Ralph (voice)
Sarah Silverman is Vanellope (voice)
Sarah Silverman
Vanellope (voice)
Gal Gadot is Shank (voice)
Gal Gadot
Shank (voice)
Taraji P. Henson is Yesss (voice)
Taraji P. Henson
Yesss (voice)
Jack McBrayer is Felix (voice)
Jack McBrayer
Felix (voice)
Jane Lynch is Calhoun (voice)
Jane Lynch
Calhoun (voice)
Alan Tudyk is KnowsMore (voice)
Alan Tudyk
KnowsMore (voice)
Alfred Molina is Double Dan / Little Dan (voice)
Alfred Molina
Double Dan / Little Dan (voice)
Ed O'Neill is Mr. Litwak (voice)
Ed O'Neill
Mr. Litwak (voice)
Bill Hader is J.P. Spamley (uncredited voice)
Bill Hader
J.P. Spamley (uncredited voice)


This film is a comedy which is animated by a 3D computer. It was produced 2018 by the important company Walt Disney Studios and it was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. This computer-animated film, have a first part, it was created after the 2012 movie, the name is Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph Breaks the Internet leaves behind Litwak's arcade, on a trip to the unexplored, vast and unimaginable world of the Internet, in which he can survive.

Ralph, the villain of the video game (voice by John C. Reilly) and his assistant Vanellope von Schweetz (voice by Sarah Silverman) she take the risk to travel to the World Wide Web to search of the spare part to save the arcade from Vanellope, which is Sugar Rush. Ralph and Vanellope trust on surfers to help them to win the money to buy the part of the video game. Including Yesss (voice by Taraji P. Henson), who has the main algorithm and decides what is trending on the webs. Making the site "BuzzzTube", and Shank (voice by Gal Gadot), a hard driver as a pilot of an online car racing game called Slaughter Race.

Ralph and Vanellope have been best friends for six years since their previous lost adventures, and they hang out every night after work at Litwak's Family Fun Center and Arcade. One night, Ralph elects to enter into the Internet through the the Wi-Fi router, something that is new in his world. He takes this decision because needs to get the new wheel. Ralph has the best partner in this adventure Vanellope, when they arrive into the internet they make a winning offer of $ 27,001 to get the wheel, but they can not pay and must make the purchase within 24 hours.

Animated Vanellope works with Yesss as a staff to spam Internet users with pop-ups, so that Ralph's videos become a viral sensation. There was a clash that Vanellope assumes was his fault when a guilty Ralph confesses to him. Later, Ralph and Vanellope will work with Yesss to direct some clones to an anti-virus software district that will create a gigantic, robotic Ralph.

Vanellope gives up when she sees Ralph lose a battle, but Ralph does not want to admit what happened. In the process of recognizing his act of selfishness and possessiveness of Vanellope, he confronts his clones by telling them that physical separation does not mean the end of their friendship. After solving their insecurities, the clones disappear and the Internet works, while Ralph is protected by the Disney Princesses.

Later, Shank accepts that Vanellope can stay in Slaughter and can drives in the Race with her new friend. Ralph gives one part of the broken medal, when they take different ways.
As Sugar Rush is worked back in, Ralph stays in his game now and accepts that Venellope is in other game fulfilling her dreams, but he stays in touch with her through chats.
This computer-animated comedy has received mostly positive reviews from critics, who classified it as a good movie, that carry out all expectations by the public, the movie has a perfect animation characters, humor, and plot.

Original title Ralph Breaks the Internet
TMDb Rating 7.2 3683 votes

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