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Overlord (2018)


Stop the unstoppable 2018/11/1 110 min.
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Julius Avery
Julius Avery


Jovan Adepo is Private First Class Edward Boyce
Jovan Adepo
Private First Class Edward Boyce
Wyatt Russell is Corporal Lewis Ford
Wyatt Russell
Corporal Lewis Ford
Mathilde Ollivier is Chloe
Mathilde Ollivier
John Magaro is Private First Class Lyle Tibbet
John Magaro
Private First Class Lyle Tibbet
Pilou Asbæk is Captain Wafner
Pilou Asbæk
Captain Wafner
Bokeem Woodbine is Sergeant Rensin
Bokeem Woodbine
Sergeant Rensin
Iain De Caestecker is Private  Morton Chase
Iain De Caestecker
Private Morton Chase
Dominic Applewhite is Private First Class Jacob Rosenfeld
Dominic Applewhite
Private First Class Jacob Rosenfeld
Jacob Anderson is Private First Class Charlie Dawson
Jacob Anderson
Private First Class Charlie Dawson
Gianny Taufer is Paul
Gianny Taufer



Overlord is a 2018 American action film written by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith and coordinated by Julius Avery. It stars Jovan Adepo, and others. The film was created by J. J. Abrams. Overlord was discharged in the United States on ninth of November 2018, by Paramount Pictures. The film got a great deal of positive audits from faultfinders and has netted over $41 million worldwide on a financial plan of $38 million.

On the D-Day, a group of paratroopers is given a mission to decimate a German radio pinnacle that is located in an old church. The plane of this group is shot down and it crashes, the majority of the squad was in this manner executed either in the plane accident or by German troopers. Five officers endure: Corporal Ford and warriors Tibet, Chase, Boyce and Dawson, who is executed by a landmine in the wake of regrouping.
The group of four keeps pushing ahead and meet a French lady named Chloe who acknowledges to take them to the town where the radio pinnacle is found. They remain for some time in her home, where she stays with her 8-year-old sibling and her auntie, who has a deformity as a result of trials by the Nazi occurring in the congregation.
Later on Boyce sees the Nazis consuming the town occupants that have been distorted. He is pursued by a pooch and covers up inside a truck conveying dead bodies inside the congregation. Escaping the truck, Boyce finds an underground base which Russians use to perform different investigations. Boyce takes a syringe holding the serum and salvages Rosenfeld, an individual from the paratrooper squad who was caught alive. They escape through the sewers.
Whenever Boyce and Rosenfeld come back to Chloe's home, Tibbet and Chase have returned as of now. Wafner will not tell what the serum does, even as Ford consistently torments him. The group gets ready to trap the congregation, Wafner tries to escape and fires Chase. Boyce, on seeing a man who is dead restored by the serum in the lab, infuses Chase with the serum.
Pursue is restored, however transforms and winds up fierce. A fight follows and Boyce winds up slaughtering pursue.
Despite the fact that with just a couple of hours left to decimate the radio pinnacle, Boyce proposes invading the base and crush the pinnacle from within research facility. Rosenfeld and Tibbet occupy the fighters by the post. Passage, Boyce, and Chloe enter the base utilizing the way Boyce recently had used to get away. Boyce and Ford introduce the explosives while Chloe searches for Paul.
Wafner, presently having superhuman quality, overwhelms Ford and starts tormenting him. He uncovers how the serum was made to him. The point was to birth undying warriors to serve the Reich. As Boyce occupies Wafner, Ford infuses himself with a syringe. He holds off Wafner sufficiently long for Boyce to set off an oxygen vessel, which paralyzes him immediately. Passage orders Boyce to desert him and trigger the explosives, accepting neither one of the groups ought to have the serum. Boyce obeys and barely escapes as the congregation and radio pinnacle breakdown behind him.

Original title Overlord
TMDb Rating 6.6 1366 votes

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