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Mile 22 (2018)

Mile 22

Option 1: Diplomacy. Option 2: Military. Meet Option 3. 2018/8/16 95 min.
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Peter Berg
Peter Berg


Mark Wahlberg is James Silva
Mark Wahlberg
James Silva
Lauren Cohan is Alice Kerr
Lauren Cohan
Alice Kerr
Iko Uwais is Li Noor
Iko Uwais
Li Noor
John Malkovich is Bishop
John Malkovich
Ronda Jean Rousey is Sam Snow
Ronda Jean Rousey
Sam Snow
Carlo Albán is William Douglas III
Carlo Albán
William Douglas III
Natasha Goubskaya is Vera
Natasha Goubskaya
Lee Chae-lin is Queen
Lee Chae-lin
Sam Medina is Axel
Sam Medina
Keith Arthur Bolden is King
Keith Arthur Bolden


This is an action motion picture that was made in 2018 with director Peter Berg. Featuring Mark Wahlberg and a number of other popular actors.
The movie is majorly about an elite CIA task force that consists about a paramilitary officer from a Branch of the division of special activities that has to take a very important asset through 22 miles to the plane where he is to leave the country, however he is being hunted by the government during the expedition. Launched on the seventeenth of August, 2018 in the US, it earned $66 million around the world.
The CIA officer also previous U.S. Marine, James Silva, drives a Special Activities Division group called Overwatch to assault a Russian safe house in the United States. Under the supervision of James Bishop and his group, their mission: to find and decimate shipments containing cesium before the very radioactive element can be used as a weapon. In the resulting firefight, the vast majority of the Russians and Overwatch crew are killed, yet important information on the cesium is pulverized.
After sixteen months, in the Southeasterly Asian nation of Indocarr, cop Li Noor yields himself at the United States' Embassy to offer information in order to be allowed safe passage out of the country. Noor is uncovered to be the advantage of Overwatch operator Alice Kerr and uncovers he has a drive containing data on the cesium and can arrange entry out of the nation in return for opening the plate, which is modified to self-destruct inside eight hours.

Diplomat Dorothy Brady is visited by the nation's Deputy Foreign Minister and state knowledge operator Axel, with the two requesting that Noor be given over as he is needed for secret activities. In the interim, Noor fights off a death endeavor by masked government specialists in the international safe haven clinic utilizing his abilities as a previous individual from the tip top strategic squad.
Needing access to the Intel, Silva's group is told to take Noor to a plane at an airstrip 22 miles away, being furnished with remote help from Bishop's group in Colombia. In transit, they are assaulted by a gathering of men on bikes, who utilize a concise camera power outage to plant a bomb on one of the vehicles. Amid the resulting gunfight, usable Sam Snow is mortally harmed and forfeits herself to purchase the gathering time. Seeking shelter in an eatery, they are again assaulted by Axel's men, in which Silva is spared by Noor and usable William "Dougie" Douglas is genuinely harmed.

The gathering withdraws into a high rise, and Douglas penances himself by putting down spread flame. Inside the structure, Alice ends up isolated from Silva and Noor, yet can escape hurt by utilizing booby-caught projectiles and is later spared by Noor. Axel endeavors to prevent their vehicle from achieving the airstrip, however, is executed by Bishop's group by means of an automaton strike. Arriving just before the plane takes off, Noor and Alice load up the airship, with Alice having been given downtime to see her irritated little girl. Noor gives Overwatch the password to get to the circle, with the Intel giving off an impression of being genuine areas of the cesium.

Seeing that the secret key "rozhdestvo111" something that corresponds the location of the FSB safe house toward the beginning of the movie which was Christmas 111, John arrives at the resolution Noor has sold out them and is really going about as an agent on behalf of the Russian government. The whole mission is uncovered to have been undermined. The young person Silva murdered at the safe house is appeared to be Anatole, the child of high positioning government executive Vera, who requested the task and looked for individual retribution against the gathering. She employed Noor to give Alice the wrong data so they would confide in him and actuate Overwatch.

As Alice understands Noor's actual aims, he incapacitates a watchman and ruptures the cockpit, abandoning her destiny dubious. The group in Colombia, having been followed by the Russians, who are gunned down, with a basically harmed Bishop scarcely getting away. Having been unfit to stop what happened, Silva recounts his experience amid a post-mission questioning. Coming back to his loft, he sets up an image of Noor on his divider, vowing vengeance.

Original title Mile 22
TMDb Rating 6 1098 votes

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