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Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018)

Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

2018/12/20 107 min.
Average: 5.3 (199 votes)
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Yuen Woo-ping
Yuen Woo-ping


Zhang Jin is Cheung Tin-Chi
Zhang Jin
Cheung Tin-Chi
Dave Bautista is Owen Davidson
Dave Bautista
Owen Davidson
Liu Yan is Julia
Liu Yan
Xing Yu is Fu
Xing Yu
Michelle Yeoh is Sis Ha
Michelle Yeoh
Sis Ha
Tony Jaa is Sadi the warrior
Tony Jaa
Sadi the warrior
Kevin Cheng is Tso Sai Kit
Kevin Cheng
Tso Sai Kit
Chrissie Chau is Nana
Chrissie Chau
Patrick Tam is
Patrick Tam
Brian Burrell is Senior Police officer
Brian Burrell
Senior Police officer


This is new martial arts movie it was created in 2018 in China. The film was written by a Chinese writer Edmond Wong, directed by the good director Yuen Woo-Ping who is recognized by his work and the most important figures in the world of action movies. This movie was produced by the writer Raymond Wong and his partner Donnie Yen. It stars Max Zhang, Dave Bautista, Lin Yan and Xing Yu. The movie was released on December 20, 2018 in Hong Kong and December 21, 2018 in China.
Cheung Tin Chin is living a depressed lifestyle having been beaten by IP Man. He lives a low life coming up just once in a while as a mercenary before he finally chose to outlive martial arts by operating a grocery store. Someday, when he was on for job delivery, he meets Nana who happens to be a debtor to Tso Sai Kit and Julia, both of whom have been running away from Kit. He finally has a fight off with the latter’s gangs and beats them up all alone. Upon the arrival of the police, everyone gets nicked but Kits and his gangs were released because the police commissioner is debased but Nana and Julia got released at a later date by the latter’s brother. Fu—who owns a Gold Bar.
Much later, Tin Chi was also freed. And the aftermath of this scenario makes Kit take a decision to see out these folks as they set fire on his shop. Tin Chi manage to flee together with his son as they were tracked by the gang with an assassin. Luckily, Julia offered him shelter in Fu’s house giving credence to a past they have together at Wing Chu.
Enraged because of the injuries his son sustains, Tin Chi revenges back and also did set ablaze Kit's opium-filled abode but the latter’s sister–Kwan who has a mindset to transform into a legal business–makes sure Kit avoids any kind of violent response as she visits Tin Chi to implore him to forgive and forget only for the latter to refuse the money given him. Meanwhile, Kit attempts to stow away from Kwan's shade as he makes a decision to delve into drugs with a friend on Bar Street for Davidson who uses his restaurant for the drug dealership. Tin Chi gives Kwan prerequisites into the business and the latter requests for some time to afford him to carefeully settle into the new endeavor.
Kit and son sees Nana in a narrow street and compels her ingest too much cocaine. Tin Chi and Fun fought until they reached the headquarters where they entered another duel with Kit and Kwan. The latter amputates Kit's right arm and compelled him to cough out info on the drug store which eventually got uncovered to the media.
The result of this makes Davidson ensure corrupt police officers put up a panel on the basis of untrue drug accusations. And after getting him arrested, Fu was handed to Davidson so that he will be unjustly exterminated. Consequently, having discovered that Davidson is the person who murdered Fu, Tin Chi entered a duel with Davidson and uses this to bring back his self-esteem.

Fortunately, the police commissioner attempts to get Tin Chi apprehended but came out to be the one that was unluckily nicked by his own Lieutenant due to his lingering corruption issues. As Davidson made way to run off from troubles, he got killed by Sadi who had previously had a deal with Kwan right before they leave Hong Kong. Tin Chi meets with his son and Julia and enjoys a sumptuous meal with them in Fu’s abode.

Original title 葉問外傳:張天志
TMDb Rating 5.3 199 votes

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