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Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

Mary Poppins Returns

Magic Always Returns 2018/12/13 131 min.
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Rob Marshall
Rob Marshall


Emily Blunt is Mary Poppins
Emily Blunt
Mary Poppins
Lin-Manuel Miranda is Jack
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Ben Whishaw is Michael Banks
Ben Whishaw
Michael Banks
Emily Mortimer is Jane Banks
Emily Mortimer
Jane Banks
Pixie Davies is Annabel Banks
Pixie Davies
Annabel Banks
Nathanael Saleh is John Banks
Nathanael Saleh
John Banks
Joel Dawson is Georgie Banks
Joel Dawson
Georgie Banks
Julie Walters is Ellen
Julie Walters
Meryl Streep is Tatiana "Topsy" Topotrepolovsky
Meryl Streep
Tatiana "Topsy" Topotrepolovsky
Colin Firth is William "Weatherall" Wilkins / Wolf (voice)
Colin Firth
William "Weatherall" Wilkins / Wolf (voice)


This is a 2018 fantasy movie written by a screenwriter David Magee who was nominated for the Academy Award, directed and produced by a director of theater, cinema and Choreographer Rob Marshall. The film has a lot of stars like Emily Blunt a British-American actress, Lin-Manuel Miranda a compositor and American actor, Ben Whisaw the actor of the perfume movie, Emily Mortime an actress of television and films. The blockbuster was released on December 19, 2018 in the U.S. with a budget of $130million and it racked up to $348.8 million at the Box Office.

With the setting placed in London sometimes in the 1930s, Michael Banks is seen to live in his home from childhood with his three children and sister: Anabel, John, Georgie and Jane respectively. His wife had given up the ghost earlier on the previous year. He obtained a loan from Fidelity Fiduciary Bank but have difficulty repaying it. This made the Bank's newly elected chairman, Wilkins to send him some warning about his house which was used as a collateral if the loan is not paid back.
Michael and his sister Jane remembers that their dad left behind some shares which could actually be enough to repay the debt. They immediately searched for the certificate obtained for the share—and in the process recovered a kite from his childhood and makes a decision to get it disposed. Outside in the park, Georgie sees the kite and flies it high into the sky. Luckily, Mary Poppins descends from the sky with the kite and took the children home as she becomes their nanny. Later, Michael goes to the Bank and seeks for proof of his shares but the chairman deny him as he said there are no records whatsoever even though he secretly destroys the page from the bank ledger.
Anna and John tries to sell off their mum's valuable bowl but were stopped by Georgie and the bowl gets destroyed during the tussle. Mary Poppins was joined by Jack together with the kids on a journey to paint the side of the bowl and Georgie gets kidnapped in the process by a talking wolf and his fellows decide to rescue him.
They did get him rescued but they woke up in their beds with the premonitions that what they've experienced were nothing but a dream. Mary Poppins and the kids paid a visit to Topsy to mend the bowl only to discover that the bowl has a very low financial value. They went ahead to the Bank but Wilki was planning to regain their house. Georgie disrupts Wilkins meeting with his associates and Michael got angry with the kids claiming they're subjecting his job and the house to risks.
As Friday night comes closer, the Banks’ gets ready to to pack out of the house but as Michael was checking his old kite, he discovers that the missing shares certificate was used to mend it. They recover it and then head to the bank. The bank's immediate past chairman Mr. Dawes Jr. comes around and immediately relieves Wilkins off his job for corrupt business activities and explains that Michael has a load of assets that could cover his loan recalling the Tuppence that his father kept with them a couple of years ago.
The next day, Mary Poppins leaves the family as Michael and Jane thanked her. With her umbrella, she flew into the sky.

Original title Mary Poppins Returns
TMDb Rating 6.6 1864 votes

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