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Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER (2018)

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER

The current era is ending. Everything will begin. 2018/12/22 100 min.
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Kyouhei Yamaguchi
Kyouhei Yamaguchi


So Okuno is Sougo Tokiwa / Kamen Rider Zi-O
So Okuno
Sougo Tokiwa / Kamen Rider Zi-O
Atsuhiro Inukai is Sento Kiryuu / Kamen Rider Build
Atsuhiro Inukai
Sento Kiryuu / Kamen Rider Build
Gaku Oshida is Geiz Myoukouin / Kamen Rider Geiz
Gaku Oshida
Geiz Myoukouin / Kamen Rider Geiz
Eiji Akaso is Ryuuga Banjou / Kamen Rider Cross-Z
Eiji Akaso
Ryuuga Banjou / Kamen Rider Cross-Z
Shieri Ohata is Tsukuyomi
Shieri Ohata
Kaho Takada is Misora Isurugi
Kaho Takada
Misora Isurugi
Keisuke Watanabe is Woz
Keisuke Watanabe
Kouhei Takeda is Kazumi Sawatari / Kamen Rider Grease
Kouhei Takeda
Kazumi Sawatari / Kamen Rider Grease
Kensei Mikami is Gentoku Himuro / Kamen Rider Rogue
Kensei Mikami
Gentoku Himuro / Kamen Rider Rogue
Nayuta Fukuzaki is Ataru Hisanaga
Nayuta Fukuzaki
Ataru Hisanaga


Kamen Raidā, interpreted as Masked Rider) is a series of manga, and tokusatsu TV projects and movies, made by manga craftsman Shotaro Ishinomori. The Kamen Rider media, for the most part, includes a bike riding hero with a creepy crawly theme who battles supervillains, frequently known as kaijin.
Waking up from a weird dream where he extricated Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's capacity, Sento and Ryūga are alarmed to a Smash assault and end up rather experiencing Bugsters insusceptible to their assaults until Sento utilizes the recently made Doctor and Game Fullbottles to change into Ex-Aid. In any case, a blue-defensively covered figure called Kaiser shows up and takes the containers which Sento recovers while Ryūga is tossed into a machine that sends him to a parallel reality where the Skywall does not exist.

All of a sudden, Sento's reality moves among measurements and shows up by the other world, spreading crowds of Bugsters in both. With Emu unfit to change into Ex-Aid, his kindred Riders step up to the plate against the Bugsters before they are stood up to by the red-protected Kaiser Reverse, uncovering that the Bugsters pestilence is fuel for his machine Enigma as it and its partner in Sento's reality seals the forces of the players and Gashats. Kaiser Reverse one of the protagonist at that point endeavors to murder Emu's gathering, but in that moment he dropout by Kamen Rider, but he uncovers their reality will be crushed in 24 hours.

Then, Sento is assaulted by Parad, who confirms that he went through the most recent two years searching for Build in his reality to get back Ex-Aid's substance. Their battle is ceased by Sōichi, who uncovers that the offender must be Kaisei Mogami, an analyst who once distributed a paper about the improvement of a trans-dimensional machine called Enigma. Parad utilizes Game Fullbottle to contact Emu and advise him about the circumstance while Sōichi gives the Phoenix and Robot Full bottles to Sento.

Kuroto, having built up another Gashat with information from his past battle against Build to quickly recapture his forces, is persuaded by Onari to make more for the other Doctor Riders, Sento a warrior and his friend Sawa find that Mogami worked with Takumi Katsuragi on building up a System and synthesizing the Nebula Bugsters by uncovering the Bugster Virus to Nebula Gas. Sento while presumes that Takumi was the person who extricated Ex-Aid's substance, yet it is confounded over how the occasion showed up in his fantasies.

As Sento and Parad battle the Nebula Bugsters to secure the populace, Kaiser endeavors to stop them before being headed out by Build PhoenixRobo Form. The two at that point track down his den with Misora's assistance and Sento infers that Takumi stole Ex-Aid's forces to keep them from being fixed too, as a countermeasure against Enigma. The new Kamen Rider was built by Kuroto, but Taiga, Hiiro and Kiriya join with Takeru against the Nebula Bugsters, though a precipice all of a sudden opens and Ryūga is going to fall on it, when Eiji Hino shows up and helps Emu in protecting him. Eiji then uncovers that Foundation X is working with their existence's Kaisei Mogami to build up their side's Enigma and the three set out to stand up to him at his base, while Sento goes up against his reality's Mogami who is rendered a cyborg after Takumi's endeavor to stop him.

Mogami is then joined by his dimensional partner, the two uncovering their goal to cause a union between the universes while converging into a solitary god-like being: Bi-Kaiser. Bi-Kaizer utilizes Core Medals created by Foundation X to make imitation Greed to hold off the Kamen Riders, Eiji utilizing an Ankh clone to restore the first and recover his capacity to battle as one of the Kamen Rider that they call OOO while Kamen Fourze and Gaim help Sento and Emu achieve the machines on their separate universes.

Sento reasons that the most ideal approach to fathom the circumstance is by rashly enacting the machines with Kaiser with just a small amount of his capacity, reestablishing Emu's forces while their partners face Bi-Kaiser's powers. Construct and Ex-Aid goes up against and crush Bi-Kaiser alongside the Enigma machines, halting the union and going separate ways once the dimensional boundary is reestablished. After the fight, Onari is invited, harking back to the Daitenkū-Ji sanctuary while Ankh's vessel blurs away with Eiji promising that they will meet once more.

Original title 仮面ライダー平成ジェネレーションズFOREVER
TMDb Rating 5.3 16 votes

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