Junpei, Think Again (2018)

Junpei, Think Again

2018/9/22 95 Min.
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Toshiyuki Morioka
Toshiyuki Morioka


Shuuhei Nomura is Junpei Sakamoto
Shuuhei Nomura
Junpei Sakamoto
Yurina Yanagi is Kana Yamamoto
Yurina Yanagi
Kana Yamamoto
Katsuya Maiguma is
Katsuya Maiguma
Amane Okayama is
Amane Okayama
Gaku Sano is
Gaku Sano
Junki Tozuka is
Junki Tozuka
Yuki Sato is
Yuki Sato
Kisetsu Fujiwara is
Kisetsu Fujiwara
Suzuka Morita is
Suzuka Morita
Manaka Kinoshita is
Manaka Kinoshita


21-year-vintage Junpei is a low rating gangster. He is busy looking after miscellaneous works. One day, his boss offers him a assignment to kill a high rating gangster from a rival group. Junpei wanting reputation from his organization, accepts the project. Junpei meets Kana and that they spend the night time collectively. He tells her about his assignment. She thinks his enthusiasm for the process his project, however she also feels some excitement. She remains with him for three days till he incorporates out his mission.

Original title 純平、考え直せ
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