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Isle of Dogs (2018)

Isle of Dogs

Welcome to the Isle of Dogs. 2018/3/23 101 min.
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Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson


Bryan Cranston is Chief (voice)
Bryan Cranston
Chief (voice)
Koyu Rankin is Atari Kobayashi (voice)
Koyu Rankin
Atari Kobayashi (voice)
Edward Norton is Rex (voice)
Edward Norton
Rex (voice)
Bob Balaban is King (voice)
Bob Balaban
King (voice)
Bill Murray is Boss (voice)
Bill Murray
Boss (voice)
Jeff Goldblum is Duke (voice)
Jeff Goldblum
Duke (voice)
Kunichi Nomura is Mayor Kobayashi (voice)
Kunichi Nomura
Mayor Kobayashi (voice)
Akira Takayama is Major Domo (voice)
Akira Takayama
Major Domo (voice)
Greta Gerwig is Tracy Walker (voice)
Greta Gerwig
Tracy Walker (voice)
Ken Watanabe is Head Surgeon (voice)
Ken Watanabe
Head Surgeon (voice)


In the destiny, a scourge of dog flu leads the mayor of a Japanese metropolis to banish all puppies to an island this is a rubbish unload. The outcasts need to soon embark on an epic adventure whilst a 12-year-antique boy arrives at the island to find his beloved pet.

Original title Isle of Dogs
TMDb Rating 7.9 2302 votes

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