If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)

If Beale Street Could Talk

Trust Love All The Way 2018/12/14 120 Min.
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Barry Jenkins
Barry Jenkins


KiKi Layne is Tish Rivers
KiKi Layne
Tish Rivers
Stephan James is Alonzo "Fonny" Hunt
Stephan James
Alonzo "Fonny" Hunt
Regina King is Sharon Rivers
Regina King
Sharon Rivers
Teyonah Parris is Ernestine Rivers
Teyonah Parris
Ernestine Rivers
Colman Domingo is Joseph Rivers
Colman Domingo
Joseph Rivers
Ethan Barrett is Young Fonny
Ethan Barrett
Young Fonny
Milanni Mines is Young Tish
Milanni Mines
Young Tish
Ebony Obsidian is Adrienne Hunt
Ebony Obsidian
Adrienne Hunt
Dominique Thorne is Sheila Hunt
Dominique Thorne
Sheila Hunt
Michael Beach is Frank Hunt
Michael Beach
Frank Hunt



This is a 2018 movie made in America. It is a romantic film written and directed by Bary Jenkins, and altogether produced by Megan Ellison, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Adele Romanski, Sarah Murphy and Bary Jenkins. The film stars acts like Kiki Layne, Stephanie James, Coleman Domingo, Michael Beach and a couple of others. It was released in December 14, 2018 at the United States with a total running time of 117minutes. A budget of $12million was spent on the movie but has racked up to $20.4million at the Box Office.

Two jolly friends, Clementine Rivers and Alonzo Hunt are friends since childhood and have begun a romantic relationship when they are a bit older. This happens in the early 1970s where blacks are denied opportunities to rent an apartment by the City Landlords except Levy, who decides to rent it to them at a reasonable rate because he likes seeing lovely couples irrespective of what their race is. Tish gets harrased by a random man as she was stopping in a white grocery store but Fonny overpowered the man before a white policeman saw the incident and tries to let arrest Fonny but lets him go when the woman at the grocery store stands for them and explains the true situation of things. Much later, Fonny got arrested on an accused rape crime as placed by Victoria Rogers whom have connived with Officer Bell and lined up Fonny as one of the culprits of the incident. Officer Bell also laid false testimony claiming to have seen Fonny when he flees. Although Tish and Daniel Carty, Fonny’s friends are with him at the time of the allege rape but this alibi is not strong enough for acceptance. Tish visits Fonny in jail as he await trial and told him about her pregnancy. Fonny gets excited and marvels at this latest piece of information. Tish also ensured that she later gets to inform her parents about this. Meanwhile, Victoria was thrown into Puerto Rico and Sharon went ahead to meet her in order to plead on behalf of Fonny so that she drop the case or make changes to the testimonys against him but Victoria insults Sharon which infuriates her and she then gently touches Victoria and then later starts to scream with her shouts calling the attention of neighbours as Sharon immediately leaves. After looking somewhat unpleased with the case due to its unfeasibility of the usual trial delays, Fonny finally accepts a plea bargain. Lastly, Tish and their new Child, Alonzo Jr., after his father visits Fonny (in Prison). They all dinned heartily from the vending machine while looking forward to the day Fonny will eventually get released.

Original title If Beale Street Could Talk
TMDb Rating 7.2 347 votes

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