Hunter Killer (2018)

Hunter Killer

Courage runs deep 2018/10/19 122 Min.
6 410 votes


Gerard Butler is Captain Joe Glass
Gerard Butler
Captain Joe Glass
Gary Oldman is CJCS Charles Donnegan
Gary Oldman
CJCS Charles Donnegan
Toby Stephens is Bill Beaman
Toby Stephens
Bill Beaman
Common is RA John Fisk
RA John Fisk
Michael Nyqvist is Captain Andropov
Michael Nyqvist
Captain Andropov
Linda Cardellini is Jane Norquist
Linda Cardellini
Jane Norquist
David Gyasi is Cob Wallach
David Gyasi
Cob Wallach
Gabriel Chavarria is Jimenez
Gabriel Chavarria
Ryan McPartlin is Matt Johnstone
Ryan McPartlin
Matt Johnstone
Carter MacIntyre is XO Brian Edwards
Carter MacIntyre
XO Brian Edwards


Captain Glass of the USS “Arkansas” discovers that a coup d'état is taking region in Russia, so he and his crew be a part of an elite organization operating at the ground to save you a struggle.

Original title Hunter Killer
TMDb Rating 6 410 votes

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