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First Man (2018)

First Man

One giant leap into the unknown 2018/10/11 141 min.
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Damien Chazelle
Damien Chazelle


Ryan Gosling is Neil Armstrong
Ryan Gosling
Neil Armstrong
Claire Foy is Janet Shearon
Claire Foy
Janet Shearon
Jason Clarke is Ed White
Jason Clarke
Ed White
Kyle Chandler is Deke Slayton
Kyle Chandler
Deke Slayton
Corey Stoll is Buzz Aldrin
Corey Stoll
Buzz Aldrin
Patrick Fugit is Elliot See
Patrick Fugit
Elliot See
Christopher Abbott is David Scott
Christopher Abbott
David Scott
Ciarán Hinds is Robert R. Gilruth
Ciarán Hinds
Robert R. Gilruth
Olivia Hamilton is Patricia White
Olivia Hamilton
Patricia White
Pablo Schreiber is Jim Lovell
Pablo Schreiber
Jim Lovell



In light of the book expounded on the life of Neil A. Armstrong called First Man. With Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, close by other incredible on-screen characters. The motion picture debuted at the Venice Film Festival on the 29th of August 2018 preceding it was discharged in theaters on twelfth of October 2018 by all inclusive pictures. With a Budget of $59 million First man netted over $105 million worldwide and has since gotten various honors selections including Best Original score which it succeeded at the Golden Globe Awards.
In 1961, Neil Armstrong a NASA aircraft tester flying a X-15 rocket plane bobs off the air. In spite of the fact that he moves his approach to arrive the plane his associates begin to question his attention at work within reach. His little girl Karen who is two years old, is being treated for a mind tumor. Armstrong is excited about sparing her and tracks her indications, yet not long a while later she bites the dust. Loaded up with Grief, Armstrong applies for Project Gemini and is acknowledged
By 1965 Armstrong and his family settle in Houston and anticipates task to a team. Soon after the Soviet Union complete their absolute first extravehicular movement (EVA), Armstrong is educated made officer of Gemini 8 alongside David Scott as the pilot. After a bombed first mission which NASA finished up wasn't the group's blame, Armstrong is later chosen for the Apollo 1 mission. While speaking to NASA at the White house his team is slaughtered in a flame amid a dispatch practice test.
Later on Armstrong is chosen to captain Apollo 11, this mission was to be the primary lunar landing. Apollo 11 effectively dispatches and following four days touches base at the Moon. As they endeavor to arrive they find expansive stones on the outside of the moon, Armstrong at that point assumes manual responsibility for the shuttle and grounds effectively. Subsequent to setting foot on the Moon, they return back home and are set under isolate and in the end return back to their families.

Original title First Man
TMDb Rating 7.1 2983 votes

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