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Destroyer (2018)


There's nothing to lose when you've already lost everything 2018/12/25 121 min.
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Karyn Kusama
Karyn Kusama


Nicole Kidman is Erin Bell
Nicole Kidman
Erin Bell
Sebastian Stan is Chris
Sebastian Stan
Tatiana Maslany is Petra
Tatiana Maslany
Bradley Whitford is DiFranco
Bradley Whitford
Toby Kebbell is Silas
Toby Kebbell
Scoot McNairy is Ethan
Scoot McNairy
Toby Huss is Gil Lawson
Toby Huss
Gil Lawson
James Jordan is Toby
James Jordan
Beau Knapp is Jay
Beau Knapp
Jade Pettyjohn is Shelby
Jade Pettyjohn


This is a new American movie; the category of the gender is crime. It was made in the year 2018 written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfred while Karyn Kusama directed it. Produced by Fred Berger and the duo of Phil Hay and Matt Manfred, the movie has a lot of stars like Nicole Kidman an Australian actress, Toby Kebbel who is known for his work in the movie Princess of Persia, Tatiana Maslany who is an actress winner of an Emmy, Scort McNairy, and others actors that have a good personification in the film. The movie was released on December 25th in the 2018 with a running time of 123minutes, the movie was made with a budget of $9million but couldn't earn more than $5.5million at the Box office.


The Los Angeles Police Department officer, Erin Bell, gets to the location where John Doe is killed and she gets back to the officers on correspondence stating that she's aware of the person that commits the killing. Back at the station, she collects a $100 bill which has a stain on it. With info from the FBI, she affirms that the money emanates from a robbed bank—a criminal activity carried out by some group of people in California a couple of years back. She was, together with a colleague, brought in as undercover officers.

She later informs her bosses about an acclaim that the money plus John's killing is a confirmation that this particular group's head called Silas has resurfaced. Erin gets enforced and had no choice than to make a couple of findings from other members of the group in a bid to locate Silas. Starting with Toby, whom has gotten apprehended but is seriously sick and was granted a compassionate release so that he now resides with his Mum. Erin took to manual stimulation to trade for the place where Arturo can be found.

Meanwhile, the latter is part of the gang that tries to make amends for the crimes he's committed in time past by rendering legal services to immigrants without collecting any fee. Arturo tells the detective where to find Dennis DiFranco whom carries out the laundering of the money gotten in the then robbery and it is here that Erin infers that their leader has come to life once again. The latter threatens DiFranco who immediately tells her where their next movement is.

Petra, being Silas’ lover, carried this out even though she is a drug addict. Erin follows her and finally intervenes in a bank robbery which was carried out by Silas’ newly formed team before she kidnapped Petra.
Previous scenes show that Erin has once had a romantic relationship with Chris even as an undercover agent and that she got pregnant for him. At Erin's bidding, a decision to participate in a robbery, collect shares, inform their bosses that they lost track on the group and resign from the force; but the operation had a set back as a dye-pack detonated and Silas maimed the person that placed it in. Chris tried to come to his rescue but was also killed. Erin returns to the forces without telling anyone about any of her plans.

Back to present, she got a text message from Silas and meets him at the Sixth Street Viaduct. She challenges him and shot him dead to revenge her lover's death. The following day shows that the police have begun the reinvestigation of the murder and Erin gives her colleague, Antonio, all the evidences. Unfortunately, she's bleeding seriously from an injury sustained and she eventually dies inside her car.

Original title Destroyer
TMDb Rating 6 290 votes

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