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Ben Is Back (2018)

Ben Is Back

One family. One day. 2018/12/5 103 min.
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A 2018 American movie that was written by Peter Hedges and as well directed by him.The motion picture was created by Nina Jacobson, Brad Simpson, Teddy Schwarzman and Peter Hedges. Featuring in the motion picture is Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges, Courtney B. Vance and Kathryn Newton. The motion picture was released in the United States on December 7, 2018 with an absolute running time of 103minutes.

While she drives her children home on the eve of Christmas, Holly Burns is obviously astounded to have seen her child who's called Ben hinder. For some months, Ben has been under rehabilitation and he is not yet due for discharge. He had told his handlers that the people who sponsors him asserts that he can obviously be on a journey home for this will be beneficial for him. Although, Holly was worried, but on the other hand, she is glad to have seen her son again and admits that Ben could hang-on with the family for some 24hrs provided that he will stay within her sight.
Ben was taken outdoors for some shopping and Holly bought him few clothes. At the shopping mall, Holly met Ben's old doctor—who, himself, is now very old and has dementia; Holly shouts at him to have gotten her son fixed on drugs that are tagged ‘painkillers’. Ben left after telling Holly that his presence is required at a meeting as soon as possible, thereby excusing himself. While at the supposed meeting, he narrated how he nearly got himself overdosed on drugs but for the timely interference and intervention of his mun and dog. Later on, much after the meeting, a young girl approaches Ben but he couldn't figure her face so the girl explains that they are both dealers and requests whether he'll like to be on top of the world with her one last time.
When Holly and Ben got home, Holly discovers drugs on him but he explains about the girl. They altogether got prepared for church where they saw a woman who seems distraughted and worried. Holly consoled her having learnt about the loss of her daughter named Maggie. After church, they drove home only to see that an unfortunate fellow has broken into their house to kidnap their dog. They took-off and searched for it. A first visit was to Ben's ex-teacher makes Holly flabbergasted at the fact that she's the one who gives Ben drugs in exchange for some sexual libido. Holly and Ben eats at a dinner and the latter informs his mum that he was the one who got Maggie used to drugs and is not totally clean off her death. He explained that he had lied to her about the effects of drugs. Spence showed up and Ben confronted him who later said Clayton, who is a drug dealer, took their dog. Ben was persuaded to run one last round of drug deal for Clayton before he can release the dog.
After Holly had wandered about on a futile mission to search for Ben, she retreats to a police station. There was where she got a call from someone about Pounce’s whereabout and she subsequently trooped out of the station to get him. She discovers an unconscious Ben along a path leading to a barn. Ben had taken drugs handed to him by Clayton. Holly performs CPR on his son and Ben woke to the relief of his mother.

Original title Ben Is Back
TMDb Rating 6.7 429 votes

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