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Aquaman (2018)


Home Is Calling 2018/12/7 144 min.
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James Wan
James Wan


Jason Momoa is Arthur Curry / Aquaman
Jason Momoa
Arthur Curry / Aquaman
Amber Heard is Mera
Amber Heard
Willem Dafoe is Nuidis Vulko
Willem Dafoe
Nuidis Vulko
Patrick Wilson is King Orm Marius / Ocean Master
Patrick Wilson
King Orm Marius / Ocean Master
Nicole Kidman is Atlanna
Nicole Kidman
Dolph Lundgren is King Nereus
Dolph Lundgren
King Nereus
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is David Kane / Black Manta
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
David Kane / Black Manta
Temuera Morrison is Thomas Curry
Temuera Morrison
Thomas Curry
Ludi Lin is Captain Murk
Ludi Lin
Captain Murk
Michael Beach is Jesse Kane (Manta's Father)
Michael Beach
Jesse Kane (Manta's Father)


Aquaman is a member of the League of Justice, King of the Seas, he is a hero who has faced villains of other dimensions, among its characteristics and most outstanding qualities is that he can communicate with marine creatures telepathically, swims at an amazing speed and possesses the Trident an incredibly powerful weapon, are the most outstanding qualities of this Super Hero that we know since childhood, since its origins has evolved, have even been altered at times, but its essence has been the same


The Screenwriters of the movie are David Leslie, Johnson-cGoldrick and Will Beall. They took the character very seriously and rephrased their origins and mythology, especially in Atlantis as a civilization, we could also observe that although it is physically true Jason Momoa the actor who incarnates Arthur Curry the powerful emperor of Atlantis and stars in endless vibrant and exciting adventures of comics, is the actor that the character required to penetrate among the large audience of this news, in order to give the force that demanded the character.

The actor who plays the superhero Aquaman: Jason Momoa is known for his work in the series of Game of Thrones and in others films of superheroes such as, for example, "Batman and Superman". Along with Nicole Kidman who we already know his incredible career, an Oscar winner also reincarnates the Queen of Atlanta. The actors of the cast are: Amber Heard who plays Mera

Patrick Wilson who plays Orm, Willem Dafoe in the role of Nuidis, Yahva Abdul-Mteen II as Black Manta and Michael Beach in the role of Jesse Kane among others. Plot of the movie Arthur, at the age of nine, goes to the aquarium with his school, where he is bothered by two children, an aquarium shark tries to defend Arthur from the children, Arthur calms the shark, discovering at that moment his powers and all the marine creatures are allied to him, everyone in the aquarium is surprised. A year later already when he is an adult, Arthur visits his father, who invites a drink of beer, until Princess Mera visits him and warns him that Arthur's half-brother, who is King Orm, plans to get rid of all the surface and to protect both worlds, had In sign an alliance and save the two worlds. The world premiere of the movie was at the Empire, Leicester Square in London on November 26, 2018 and was released in the United States by Warner Bros. Pictures on December 21, 2018, mainly had it had been set for the 27th July 2018 and then moved to October 5 of the same year, before settling on its launch date in December. Aquaman is one of DC's biggest successes, with more than a billion at the box office exceeding $ 1.09 billion, the number is worldwide and it places the film starring Jason Momoa as one of the 25 films, it has been said that it is the best movie of the Universe.

Original title Aquaman
TMDb Rating 6.8 7741 votes

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