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Anon (2018)


Anonymity is the enemy 2018/5/3 100 Min.
Average: 5.8 (756 votes)
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Andrew Niccol
Andrew Niccol


Amanda Seyfried is The Girl
Amanda Seyfried
The Girl
Clive Owen is Sal Frieland
Clive Owen
Sal Frieland
Iddo Goldberg is Joseph Kenik
Iddo Goldberg
Joseph Kenik
Mark O'Brien is Cyrus Frear
Mark O'Brien
Cyrus Frear
Colm Feore is Detective Charles Gattis
Colm Feore
Detective Charles Gattis
Sonya Walger is Kristen
Sonya Walger
Joe Pingue is Lester Goodman
Joe Pingue
Lester Goodman
Sebastian Pigott is Detective Vardy
Sebastian Pigott
Detective Vardy
Rachel Roberts is Alysa Egorian
Rachel Roberts
Alysa Egorian
Marco Grazzini is Officer Alvarez
Marco Grazzini
Officer Alvarez


Set in a near-future international wherein there may be no privateness, ignorance or anonymity, our non-public recollections are recorded and crime nearly ceases to exist. In looking to resolve a sequence of unsolved murders, Sal Frieland stumbles onto a young woman who appears to have subverted the device and disappeared. She has no identity, no records and no document. Sal realizes it may not be the give up of crime but the starting. Known simplest as 'The Girl', Sal ought to discover her before he turns into the subsequent sufferer.

Original title Anon
TMDb Rating 5.8 756 votes

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