The Humanity Bureau (2017)

The Humanity Bureau

In the near future our government will decide who is expendable. 2017/7/11 94 Min.
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4.9 113 votes


Rob W. King
Rob W. King


Nicolas Cage is Noah Kross
Nicolas Cage
Noah Kross
Sarah Lind is Rachel Weller
Sarah Lind
Rachel Weller
Jakob Davies is Lucas Weller
Jakob Davies
Lucas Weller
Hugh Dillon is Adam Westinghouse
Hugh Dillon
Adam Westinghouse
Vicellous Reon Shannon is Agent Porter
Vicellous Reon Shannon
Agent Porter
Jett Klyne is Little Noah
Jett Klyne
Little Noah
Lorne Cardinal is Border Ranger
Lorne Cardinal
Border Ranger
Destee Klyne is Schroder's Daughter
Destee Klyne
Schroder's Daughter
David Lovgren is Irving Ravetch
David Lovgren
Irving Ravetch
Leo Fafard is Motel Clerk
Leo Fafard
Motel Clerk


In 2030 the world is in a everlasting state of monetary recession and facing extreme environmental problems due to international warming.

Original title The Humanity Bureau
TMDb Rating 4.9 113 votes

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