Salyut-7 (2017)


2017/9/22 106 Min.
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Klim Shipenko
Klim Shipenko


Vladimir Vdovichenkov is Vladimir Fyodorov
Vladimir Vdovichenkov
Vladimir Fyodorov
Pavel Derevyanko is Viktor Alyokhin
Pavel Derevyanko
Viktor Alyokhin
Aleksandr Samoylenko is Valeriy Shubin
Aleksandr Samoylenko
Valeriy Shubin
Vitaliy Khaev is Yuriy Shumakov
Vitaliy Khaev
Yuriy Shumakov
Oksana Fandera is Svetlana Lazareva
Oksana Fandera
Svetlana Lazareva
Lyubov Aksyonova is Liliya Alyokhina
Lyubov Aksyonova
Liliya Alyokhina
Roman Perelygin is Cosmonaut Plakhov
Roman Perelygin
Cosmonaut Plakhov
Mariya Mironova is Nina Fyodorova
Mariya Mironova
Nina Fyodorova
Aleksandra Serebryakova is MCC's employee
Aleksandra Serebryakova
MCC's employee
Yury Ignatenko is MCC's employee
Yury Ignatenko
MCC's employee


Salyut 7, the Soviet space station, become orbiting Earth in unmanned regime. Suddenly it stops responding to alerts from the Ground Control. Fall of this station, the pleasure of soviet technology and space industry, might not best damage the photograph of the united states, but additionally carry upon tragedy, probable with lack of lifestyles. Astronauts should be sent to the station to locate what induced the breakdown and save you the catastrophe. However, nobody has ever docked an uncontrolled object in area. To this day that is the most technically complex mission within the history of the world of space navigation.

Original title Салют-7
TMDb Rating 6.9 153 votes

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