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Love of My Life (2017)

Love of My Life

2017/2/17 106 min.
Average: 6.3 (12 votes)
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Joan Carr-Wiggin
Joan Carr-Wiggin


Anna Chancellor is Grace
Anna Chancellor
John Hannah is Richard
John Hannah
Hermione Norris is Tamara
Hermione Norris
James Fleet is Tom
James Fleet
Greg Wise is Ben
Greg Wise


How would you feel, knowing you have just five days to figure out everything? Knowing you have five days to see those beautiful smiles on your loved one's faces? The feeling is casual for Grace (Anna Chancellor), a middle-aged architect and mum of two beautiful daughters. Grace was diagnosed with cancer and might only have five days to live. Her attitude towards the ailment is one to emulate. She goes on with her normal life with so much strength and vigor. Love of my Life tells a bittersweet story of a strong heroine, who carries on with all life's troubles. The drama/comedy film is directed by Joan Carr-Wiggin.

The suspense-filled storyline features our sick heroine Grace whose attitude towards her ailment is very much inspiring. Despite not just being a victim of cancer alone, but aware she has five days more on Earth and still surrounded by dysfunctional selfish people, she refused to be a weakling. You would hold your breath for her, hoping she could take it easy on herself. She is strong and refused to be victimized. Moreso, there is no moment when you get to see her vulnerability. All you get to see of her is a strong woman who is non-relenting, despite all life blows and torture. Love of my life is a perfect family drama that exposes you to reality, giving you great insight into life.

Richard, an award-winning novelist is seen giving convincing speeches on his award-winning novel, a tell-all bestseller about his marriage to Grace. Richard is a cheating ex with whom Grace has a daughter. He appears out of the blues in the middle of the night claiming that she is the love of his life. A typical character of exes once you have moved on and forgotten about their existence. All he wants right now is to win her back. Isn't he a little late? I guess he is never too late especially for a Peter Pan type of character showing some genuine empathy and compassion. The empathy and compassion he never had when they were married. John Hanna and Anna Chancellor is just a perfect match for the movie.

One will expect that her immediate family would be around her expressing some love and care during these last few days. To makes life or better still dying much easier for her. Rather, we see a bunch of dysfunctional self-centered persons, who are more concerned about their own selfish issues than they are about the heroine, her ailment and the fact that she is about to kick the bucket.

-"The best thing about having kids with someone is that you never lose touch with that person," Richard told his daughter.

-"Mum says that's the worst thing" his daughter opted
Well, for Grace's case, having kids with someone could be a nightmare. Richard shows up with his estranged ex-wife, the woman he left her for. She is not just back into Grace live; she is now reminding Grace of events that happened between the three of them two decades ago with her flimsy discussions. This act is what I call cruelty! This can make anyone go crazy! Especially if you were in Grace's situation and surrounded by a bunch of egocentric people. However, Grace stood out stronger by day. She remains in charge and refused to be put down. Grace daughters get along well. They both seem to lack empathy for their mum. Her current husband is even worse. He is more worried about the future of his sexual life than he is about his wife and her feelings.

The film is a great family drama that brings you face to face with reality. It is fun and entertaining with beautiful characters, premises, and plot. Video quality is just perfect. Love of my life is endowed with so much life lessons. It sure is a movie worth looking out for.

Original title Love of My Life
TMDb Rating 6.3 12 votes

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