Captain Fantastic (2016)

Captain Fantastic

He Prepared Them for Everything Except the Outside World. 2016/7/2 119 Min.
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Matt Ross
Matt Ross


Viggo Mortensen is Ben Cash
Viggo Mortensen
Ben Cash
George MacKay is Bodevan Cash
George MacKay
Bodevan Cash
Samantha Isler is Kielyr Cash
Samantha Isler
Kielyr Cash
Annalise Basso is Vespyr Cash
Annalise Basso
Vespyr Cash
Nicholas Hamilton is Rellian Cash
Nicholas Hamilton
Rellian Cash
Shree Crooks is Zaja Cash
Shree Crooks
Zaja Cash
Charlie Shotwell is Nai Cash
Charlie Shotwell
Nai Cash
Trin Miller is Leslie Abigail Cash
Trin Miller
Leslie Abigail Cash
Kathryn Hahn is Harper
Kathryn Hahn
Steve Zahn is Dave
Steve Zahn


A father dwelling in the forests of the Pacific Northwest with his six young children attempts to assimilate returned into society.

Original title Captain Fantastic
TMDb Rating 8 3538 votes

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