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Yarukkya Knight (2015)

Yarukkya Knight

2015/5/23 75 Min.
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8.8 4 votes


Katsutoshi Hirabayashi
Katsutoshi Hirabayashi


Tomoya Nakamura is Gosuke Makoto
Tomoya Nakamura
Gosuke Makoto
Nina Endo is Shizuka Misaki
Nina Endo
Shizuka Misaki
Reiya Masaki is Takashi Yamada
Reiya Masaki
Takashi Yamada
Erisa Yanagi is Chikako Hoshi
Erisa Yanagi
Chikako Hoshi


Makoto Gousuke has simply transferred to a new high faculty with the aim of being the hardest kid there. Little does he recognize that there‘s an entire institution of toughs who already rule the college, and that they‘re all women! After being humiliated with the aid of their chief, the pretty Misaki Shizuka, he vows revenge and begins a prolonged battle between the sexes at the faculty.

Original title やるっきゃ騎士
TMDb Rating 8.8 4 votes

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