The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short

This is a true story. 2015/12/11 131 Min.
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Adam McKay
Adam McKay


Christian Bale is Michael Burry
Christian Bale
Michael Burry
Steve Carell is Mark Baum
Steve Carell
Mark Baum
Ryan Gosling is Jared Vennett
Ryan Gosling
Jared Vennett
Brad Pitt is Ben Rickert
Brad Pitt
Ben Rickert
Hamish Linklater is Porter Collins
Hamish Linklater
Porter Collins
Rafe Spall is Danny Moses
Rafe Spall
Danny Moses
Jeremy Strong is Vinny Daniel
Jeremy Strong
Vinny Daniel
John Magaro is Charlie Geller
John Magaro
Charlie Geller
Finn Wittrock is Jamie Shipley
Finn Wittrock
Jamie Shipley
Melissa Leo is Georgia Hale
Melissa Leo
Georgia Hale


The men who made tens of millions from a global financial meltdown.

Original title The Big Short
TMDb Rating 7.3 4695 votes

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