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Spy (2015)


One of the guys. One of the Spies. 2015/5/6 120 Min.
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6.8 4049 votes


Paul Feig
Paul Feig


Melissa McCarthy is Susan Cooper
Melissa McCarthy
Susan Cooper
Jude Law is Bradley Fine
Jude Law
Bradley Fine
Rose Byrne is Raina Boyanov
Rose Byrne
Raina Boyanov
Jason Statham is Rick Ford
Jason Statham
Rick Ford
Miranda Hart is Nancy B. Artingstall
Miranda Hart
Nancy B. Artingstall
Bobby Cannavale is Sergio De Luca
Bobby Cannavale
Sergio De Luca
Allison Janney is Elaine Crocker
Allison Janney
Elaine Crocker
50 Cent is 50 Cent
50 Cent
50 Cent
Morena Baccarin is Karen Walker
Morena Baccarin
Karen Walker
Raad Rawi is Tihomir Boyanov
Raad Rawi
Tihomir Boyanov


A table-sure CIA analyst volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate the arena of a deadly fingers provider, and save you diabolical global disaster.

Original title Spy
TMDb Rating 6.8 4049 votes

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