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Spectre (2015)


A Plan No One Escapes 2015/10/26 148 min.
Average: 6.4 (7046 votes)
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Sam Mendes
Sam Mendes


Daniel Craig is James Bond
Daniel Craig
James Bond
Christoph Waltz is Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Christoph Waltz
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Léa Seydoux is Dr. Madeleine Swann
Léa Seydoux
Dr. Madeleine Swann
Ralph Fiennes is Gareth Mallory / M
Ralph Fiennes
Gareth Mallory / M
Naomie Harris is Eve Moneypenny
Naomie Harris
Eve Moneypenny
Ben Whishaw is Q
Ben Whishaw
Monica Bellucci is Lucia Sciarra
Monica Bellucci
Lucia Sciarra
Dave Bautista is Mr. Hinx
Dave Bautista
Mr. Hinx
Andrew Scott is Max Denbigh / C
Andrew Scott
Max Denbigh / C
Rory Kinnear is Bill Tanner
Rory Kinnear
Bill Tanner


A cryptic message from Bond’s beyond sends him on a path to discover a sinister enterprise. While M battles political forces to maintain the secret carrier alive, Bond peels again the layers of deceit to show the terrible fact behind SPECTRE.

Original title Spectre
TMDb Rating 6.4 7046 votes

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