Project Almanac (2015)

Project Almanac

Today is better the second time around 2015/1/28 106 Min.
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Dean Israelite
Dean Israelite


Jonny Weston is David Raskin
Jonny Weston
David Raskin
Virginia Gardner is Christina Raskin
Virginia Gardner
Christina Raskin
Sofia Black-D'Elia is Jessie Pierce
Sofia Black-D'Elia
Jessie Pierce
Sam Lerner is Quinn Goldberg
Sam Lerner
Quinn Goldberg
Allen Evangelista is Adam Le
Allen Evangelista
Adam Le
Amy Landecker is Kathy Raskin
Amy Landecker
Kathy Raskin
Gary Weeks is Ben Raskin
Gary Weeks
Ben Raskin
Gary Grubbs is Dr. Lu
Gary Grubbs
Dr. Lu
Patrick Johnson is Todd
Patrick Johnson
Hillary Harley is Blonde
Hillary Harley


A organization of teens find out mystery plans of a time gadget, and construct one. However, things start to get out of manage.

Original title Project Almanac
TMDb Rating 6.5 1479 votes

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