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Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (2015)

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken

It was the perfect crime until they got away with it. 2015/3/12 95 min.
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Daniel Alfredson
Daniel Alfredson


Anthony Hopkins is Freddy Heineken
Anthony Hopkins
Freddy Heineken
Jim Sturgess is Cor Van Hout
Jim Sturgess
Cor Van Hout
Sam Worthington is Willem Holleeder
Sam Worthington
Willem Holleeder
Ryan Kwanten is Jan 'Cat' Boellard
Ryan Kwanten
Jan 'Cat' Boellard
Mark van Eeuwen is Frans 'Spikes' Meijer
Mark van Eeuwen
Frans 'Spikes' Meijer
Thomas Cocquerel is Martin 'Brakes' Erkamps
Thomas Cocquerel
Martin 'Brakes' Erkamps
Jemima West is Sonja Holleeder
Jemima West
Sonja Holleeder
David Dencik is Ab Doderer
David Dencik
Ab Doderer
Vera Van Dooren is Ma Holleeder
Vera Van Dooren
Ma Holleeder
Kat Lindsay is Karin
Kat Lindsay


The genuine story of the abduction of Freddy Heineken, the grandson of the founding father of the Heineken brewery, and his driving force. They had been released after a ransom of 35 million Dutch guilders was paid.

Original title Kidnapping Mr. Heineken
TMDb Rating 5.9 332 votes

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