Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Jupiter Ascending

Expand your universe. 2015/2/4 124 Min.
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5.3 4532 votes


Lana Wachowski
Lana Wachowski
Lilly Wachowski
Lilly Wachowski


Mila Kunis is Jupiter Jones
Mila Kunis
Jupiter Jones
Channing Tatum is Caine Wise
Channing Tatum
Caine Wise
Sean Bean is Stinger Apini
Sean Bean
Stinger Apini
Eddie Redmayne is Balem Abrasax
Eddie Redmayne
Balem Abrasax
Douglas Booth is Titus Abrasax
Douglas Booth
Titus Abrasax
Tuppence Middleton is Kalique Abrasax
Tuppence Middleton
Kalique Abrasax
Gugu Mbatha-Raw is Famulus
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Nikki Amuka-Bird is Diomika Tsing
Nikki Amuka-Bird
Diomika Tsing
Christina Cole is Gemma Chatterjee
Christina Cole
Gemma Chatterjee
Nicholas A. Newman is Nesh
Nicholas A. Newman


In a universe wherein human genetic material is the most precious commodity, an impoverished young Earth female becomes the key to strategic maneuvers and inner strife within a powerful dynasty…

Original title Jupiter Ascending
TMDb Rating 5.3 4532 votes

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