Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' (2015)

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'

2015/4/18 93 Min.
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6.7 686 votes


Tadayoshi Yamamuro
Tadayoshi Yamamuro


Masako Nozawa is Son Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)
Masako Nozawa
Son Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)
Ryou Horikawa is Vegeta (voice)
Ryou Horikawa
Vegeta (voice)
Ryusei Nakao is Frieza (voice)
Ryusei Nakao
Frieza (voice)
Kouichi Yamadera is Beerus (voice)
Kouichi Yamadera
Beerus (voice)
Masakazu Morita is Whis (voice)
Masakazu Morita
Whis (voice)
Hiromi Tsuru is Bulma Briefs (voice)
Hiromi Tsuru
Bulma Briefs (voice)
Mayumi Tanaka is Kuririn (voice)
Mayumi Tanaka
Kuririn (voice)
Masaharu Sato is Kame Sen'in (voice)
Masaharu Sato
Kame Sen'in (voice)
Toshio Furukawa is Piccolo (voice)
Toshio Furukawa
Piccolo (voice)
Takeshi Kusao is Trunks (voice)
Takeshi Kusao
Trunks (voice)


One non violent day on Earth, two remnants of Frieza's military named Sorbet and Tagoma arrive looking for the Dragon Balls with the aim of reviving Frieza. They prevail, and Frieza eventually seeks revenge on the Saiyans.

Original title ドラゴンボールZ 復活の「F」
TMDb Rating 6.7 686 votes

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