Taken 3 (2014)

Taken 3

It Ends Here 2014/12/16 109 Min.
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Olivier Megaton
Olivier Megaton


Liam Neeson is Bryan Mills
Liam Neeson
Bryan Mills
Forest Whitaker is Inspector Frank Dotzler
Forest Whitaker
Inspector Frank Dotzler
Maggie Grace is Kim Mills
Maggie Grace
Kim Mills
Famke Janssen is Lenore Mills - St. John
Famke Janssen
Lenore Mills - St. John
Dougray Scott is Stuart St. John
Dougray Scott
Stuart St. John
Sam Spruell is Oleg Malankov
Sam Spruell
Oleg Malankov
Don Harvey is Garcia
Don Harvey
Dylan Bruno is Smith
Dylan Bruno
Leland Orser is Sam
Leland Orser
David Warshofsky is Bernie (Harris)
David Warshofsky
Bernie (Harris)


Ex-government operative Bryan Mills unearths his life is shattered while he's falsely accused of a homicide that hits close to home. As he's pursued by way of a savvy police inspector, Mills employs his specific set of talents to music the actual killer and exact his specific logo of justice.

Original title Taken 3
TMDb Rating 6.1 3373 votes

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