Stonehearst Asylum (2014)

Stonehearst Asylum

No one is what they seem. 2014/9/11 112 Min.
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6.7 697 votes


Brad Anderson
Brad Anderson


Kate Beckinsale is Eliza Graves
Kate Beckinsale
Eliza Graves
Jim Sturgess is Edward Newgate
Jim Sturgess
Edward Newgate
David Thewlis is Mickey Finn
David Thewlis
Mickey Finn
Brendan Gleeson is The Alienist
Brendan Gleeson
The Alienist
Ben Kingsley is Silas Lamb
Ben Kingsley
Silas Lamb
Michael Caine is Dr. Benjamin Salt
Michael Caine
Dr. Benjamin Salt
Sinéad Cusack is Mrs. Pike
Sinéad Cusack
Mrs. Pike
Jason Flemyng is Swanwick
Jason Flemyng
Sophie Kennedy Clark is Millie
Sophie Kennedy Clark
Edmund Kingsley is Charles Graves
Edmund Kingsley
Charles Graves


A Harvard Medical School graduate takes a function at a mental organization and shortly will become captivated with a female intellectual affected person, however he has no concept of a current and horrifying staffing exchange.

Original title Stonehearst Asylum
TMDb Rating 6.7 697 votes

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