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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Guardians of the Galaxy

All heroes start somewhere. 2014/7/30 121 min.
Average: 7.9 (19750 votes)
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This is an American action, science fiction, adventures, superhero movies and comedy. This film was released in the year 2014, the topic is about a group of superheros. It is based on a comic of Marvel in which the writer takes the same character to the movie. The house that produced the film is Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios distributed. It has been tenth movie in the (MCU).

The movie was directed by an American producer James Gunn, he wrote the screenplay with a film screenwriter Nicole Perlman. Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol. 1) the movie has a lot of actors for example Chris Pratt who is an American actor, Zoe Saldana an American actress and dancer, Dave Bautista an American actor, ex-professional wrestler and mixed martial arts expeller, Vin Diesel an actor, producer and director of American cinema, known for the performance of Dominic Toretto, and Bradley Cooper. In this movie, Peter Quill forms an uneasy union with a group of extraterrestrial perpetrators, who after stealing a powerful artifact flees.

A young boy named Peter is kidnapped from, a group of space pirates led by Yondu Udonta, when his mother's death in 1988. After twenty-six years on the planet Morag, Quill got attacked when stealing a mysterious orb by Korath, a subordinate to the fanatical Kree, Ronan. In spite of Quill's escape with the orb that is like a magic stone, Yondu the evil discovers his stole, but Ronan shows Gamora, the assassin after the orb. Quill's attempt to sell the orb on Xandar, capital of the Nova Empire, leads to Gamora ambush and stealing it from him. A brawl results, drawing two bounty hunters: the genetically and cybernetically reworked raccoon Rocket, and the tree-like humanoid Groot. The four gets captured by Nova Corps officers, detaining them in the Kyln prison. Drax, a powerful prisoner tries to kill Gamora due to her connection with Ronan and Thanos who murdered his family. Gamora reveals that she has betrayed Ronan in no way she could bring Ronan to Drax. Gamora works with the four to escape the Kyln prison in Quill's ship after learning that she has a buyer for the orb.
Ronan finds Thanos, the adoptive father of Gamora the green girl, the need to discuss her treachery. A drunken Drax summons Ronan at Knowhere while Quill with the rest of group to meet Gamora's contact, the collector Taneleer Tivan. Tivan revealing the Power Infinity Stone, opens the orb, an item of unquantifiable power destroys all in the world, but for the most powerful beings who use it. Carina, Tivan's slave grabs the Stone which triggers an explosion engulfing Tivan's archive. Quill's group and the Ravagers join with the Nova Corps to confront the Dark Aster at Xandar, breaching the Dark Aster with Quill's group and the Milano. With Groot sacrificing himself to shield the group, the damaged Dark Aster crash-lands.
Ronan one of the characters comes back from the accident and prepares to destroy Xandar the villain, in that moment Drax, Gamora and Rocket use their power and destroy Ronan's war and the bad boy too. br /> In the aftermath, Quill takes a container that has the Stone, but all is plan and he gives the real to Nova. Quill's group, now referred to them as the Guardians of the Galaxy, when Quill discover that he is part of an ancient group and his father is part of them, but is an unknown species. At the end of the movie Quill opens a present from his mother, it is a cassette with her favorite songs. Now they are a group call it the Guardians.

Original title Guardians of the Galaxy
TMDb Rating 7.9 19750 votes

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