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Fury (2014)


War never ends quietly. 2014/10/15 135 min.
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David Ayer
David Ayer


Brad Pitt is Don 'Wardaddy' Collier
Brad Pitt
Don 'Wardaddy' Collier
Shia LaBeouf is Boyd 'Bible' Swan
Shia LaBeouf
Boyd 'Bible' Swan
Logan Lerman is Norman Ellison
Logan Lerman
Norman Ellison
Michael Peña is Trini 'Gordo' Garcia
Michael Peña
Trini 'Gordo' Garcia
Jon Bernthal is Grady 'Coon-Ass' Travis
Jon Bernthal
Grady 'Coon-Ass' Travis
Jim Parrack is Sergeant Binkowski
Jim Parrack
Sergeant Binkowski
Brad William Henke is Sergeant Davis
Brad William Henke
Sergeant Davis
Kevin Vance is Sergeant Peterson
Kevin Vance
Sergeant Peterson
Xavier Samuel is Lt. Parker
Xavier Samuel
Lt. Parker
Jason Isaacs is Captain Waggoner
Jason Isaacs
Captain Waggoner


Columbia Pictures presents a film of drama and action set in World War II, original by writer and director David Ayer, and under the production of Bill Block, Alex Ott, John Lesher and Ethan Smith; premiered for the United States of America on October 17, 2014; he generally received criticism from the specialized audience and collected a figure close to two hundred and twenty million dollars for the box office.

This film tells the story of a platoon of the second American armored division that intervenes in the European continent, and shows its latest advances during the twilight of the war.

This fierce squad is commanded by Lieutenant Don "Wardaddy" Collier (Brad Pitt), who aboard his SHERMAN M4A3E8 tank that they baptized and tattooed FURY are annihilating the enemy forces, next to him is the expert sniper Boyd "Bible "Swan; in gunner Grady "Coon-Ass" Travis; the pilot Trini “El Gordo” García; and the newly enlisted rookie behind the Norman Ellison desks, the latter will be the substitute for the late substitute gunner "Rex".

Lieutenant Wardaddy's reputation frightens rivals and teammates, describing him as a ruthless and soulless type; it destroys how much enemy it crosses its path, it is despotic and demanding with its soldiers, but firm and faithful to its platoon, willing to give its life to protect its equipment.

The squad is a compact group, united, they go shoulder to shoulder, back to back in all the battles from their first mission in 1940 to today, five years later; his only casualty is the late substitute gunner Rex; neither Wardaddy nor his men likes new ones, so rookie Norman must endure all kinds of humiliation, mockery and contempt.

Norman and the team encounter their first confrontation, but the nerves of the rookie recruit betray him and he hesitates to attack his enemies, this causes the death of an officer and the destruction of a tank.

Wardaddy furious at Norman's cowardly performance forces him to kill an enemy that was captured, the rookie hesitates and Lieutenant Coiller takes and scrambles and wields him in his hand, places the cannon on the German's forehead and pulls the trigger; a sample of the realities of war that the newcomer must know.

The days pass and the platoon advances; they arrive at a small ruined population in Germany, they all inspect the place for Nazi soldiers, Don and Norman do it together; upon entering one of the homes they get a pair of German girls, Irma and Emma; they both believe they will die, but in exchange for their lives Wardaddy asks for hot water and places six eggs on the table so they can eat all four.

While the girls make the meal, Norman begins to play an old piano that is in the living room of the house, surprised by his talent Don Collier observes him and the young Emma approaches him and accompanies him with his soft voice.

While they sing, Don Coiller and Irma enter the bedroom and close the door for privacy; in the distance, the warning signal is heard, and a sudden bombardment strikes the town causing the death of soldiers and civilians, including Emma and Irma.

Norman is devastated by what happened, and a deep feeling of revenge and pain take over him, now he only thinks about annihilating his enemies and a hard test is coming.

Original title Fury
TMDb Rating 7.4 7304 votes

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