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Rio (2011)


1 out of every 8 Americans is afraid of flying. Most of them don't have feathers. 2011/4/3 96 min.
Average: 6.6 (3978 votes)
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Carlos Saldanha
Carlos Saldanha


Jesse Eisenberg is Blu (voice)
Jesse Eisenberg
Blu (voice)
Anne Hathaway is Jewel (voice)
Anne Hathaway
Jewel (voice)
Leslie Mann is Linda (voice)
Leslie Mann
Linda (voice)
Jane Lynch is Alice/Goose (voice)
Jane Lynch
Alice/Goose (voice)
Will.i.am is Pedro (voice)
Pedro (voice)
Wanda Sykes is Chloe/Goose (voice)
Wanda Sykes
Chloe/Goose (voice)
George Lopez is Rafael (voice)
George Lopez
Rafael (voice)
Jamie Foxx is Nico (voice)
Jamie Foxx
Nico (voice)
Rodrigo Santoro is Tulio (voice)
Rodrigo Santoro
Tulio (voice)
Jemaine Clement is Nigel (voice)
Jemaine Clement
Nigel (voice)


Captured via smugglers whilst he become only a hatchling, a macaw named Blu never found out to fly and lives a thankfully domesticated lifestyles in Minnesota together with his human buddy, Linda. Blu is concept to be the last of his kind, however when word comes that Jewel, a lone lady, lives in Rio de Janeiro, Blu and Linda go to meet her. Animal smugglers kidnap Blu and Jewel, however the pair quickly break out and begin a dangerous journey lower back to freedom -- and Linda.

Original title Rio
TMDb Rating 6.6 3978 votes

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