Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (2011)

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

The family just got bigger 2011/2/1 84 Min.
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5.2 164 votes


Alex Zamm
Alex Zamm


Odette Annable is Chloe (voice)
Odette Annable
Chloe (voice)
George Lopez is Papi (voice)
George Lopez
Papi (voice)
Zachary Gordon is Papi Jr. (voice)
Zachary Gordon
Papi Jr. (voice)
Emie Hudson is Pedro (voice)
Emie Hudson
Pedro (voice)
Christine Lakin is News Reporter
Christine Lakin
News Reporter
Madison Pettis is Lala (voice)
Madison Pettis
Lala (voice)
Miguel Ferrer is Delgado (voice)
Miguel Ferrer
Delgado (voice)
Phill Lewis is Judge McKible
Phill Lewis
Judge McKible
Jon Donahue is Antonio (voice)
Jon Donahue
Antonio (voice)
Delaney Jones is Ali (voice)
Delaney Jones
Ali (voice)


Puppy mayhem turns the lives of newlywed Chihuahua dad and mom Papi and Chloe upside down while their rambunctious, mischievous puppies present one mission after any other. But while their human proprietors become in hassle, the tiny pups will stop at not anything to keep them - because in proper times and difficult times, the own family continually sticks together. So Papi, Chloe and the puppies embark on a heroic adventure, proving all over again that large heroes are available small programs.

Original title Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
TMDb Rating 5.2 164 votes

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